Atividades dos Empregadores

Atividades dos Empregadores


ILO programme “Improving Working Conditions in RMG”
Building a culture of Occupational Safety and Health in the RMG sector The present capacity-building initiative reached 585 companies in RMG sector and provided training to 8,038 mid-level managers and 800,000 workers
Employers Young Professionals' Academy
Europe is facing major economic and social challenges. Companies' expectations on Employers Organization (EOs) staff are growing in terms of responsiveness to their needs, capacity to lobby towards public institutions, ability to develop proposals to improve their business enabling environment.
MOOC Roles and responsibilities of board members in business members organization
With a diverse membership drawn from different sectors, regions and sizes of companies, BMOs interact with public authorities, as sources of information on the major constraints affecting private sector as well as partners in discussing and co-designing more sustainable business environments.
Customer Relations Management for Employers' Organizations
The Programme for Employers Activities of the ITC ILO since early 2013 invested in the development of CRM FOR EOs, a CRM software to facilitate membership data management meeting the specific needs of national and sectorial employers' and business member organizations.

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