Innovative Learning Interventions Online Diploma Programme

Innovative Learning Interventions Online Diploma Programme

Innovative Learning Interventions Online Diploma Programme
A solid foundation in specialized technology-enhanced learning for capacity building

The Online Diploma Programme offers the opportunity to gain a solid knowledge and skills in the use of technology for learning, which plays an important role for training institutions and capacity building agencies working in the development context.

The Online Diploma Programme is a multiple module course on participatory learning technologies and communication systems. The Programme explores the impact  of technology on the learner’s experience, in particular how latest technological trends are transforming the way individuals learn and train and how organizations can plan sustainable learning interventions by taking advantage of latest technologies and approaches. 


  • recognize the importance of latest trends in learning design such as learning analytics, mobile learning, open online education, augmented and immersive reality scenarios
  • put into the development sector perspective technology for the design of sustainable learning solutions adapted to the needs of training institutions
  • recognize and describe frameworks and tools for measuring the impact of technology-enhanced learning interventions
  • design and build evidence-based learning strategies using latest academic research

Are you seeking fresh approaches for skills development?

Are you planning to implement innovative educational projects?

The Online Diploma Programme is for trainers, information technology (IT) specialists and managers of public and private training institutions who are involved in the design and implementation of training activities, namely:

  • decision-makers and policy-makers in education and training institutions
  • training activities and training institutions managers
  • training-of-trainer specialists
  • training specialists in workers’ organizations or employers’ organizations
  • HR specialists
  • vocational training professionals
  • instructional designers, trainers and tutors

Whether in developed or developing countries, people increasingly learn in different physical and social settings with less effort than fifty years ago. They easily move from one ‘place’ to another and create their own learning ‘places’. The increasing pace of new technologies and learning approaches plays an important role in supporting the way individuals learn and apply knowledge in context. Latest trends in technology-enhanced learning (compilation and monitoring of learners’ data, mobile technology, open online resources and tools, augmented and immersive realities) provide transformative ways to create engagement, interaction and learning. Development professionals with a capacity-building function have expressed their need in staying up-to-date in the use of integrated technology to make learning more meaningful, transferable, effective, continuous and fun for learners.


In addition to granting access to academic expertise and professional network, the Online Diploma Programme allows participants to:




The Online Diploma Programme is composed of four online courses scheduled between 30 April and 2 December 2018 (see Courses). Each course cosists of four micro-modules presenting technology-enhanced learning concepts and tools. Each course is carried out over a 4-week period according to the following learning process:

pyramid process

 Participants are required to adapt content and tools to their context. The courses combine individual self-directed learning with collaborative activities such as peer-reviews and discussion groups to facilitate learning. A team of online tutors and experts guides participants through their learning experience, including facilitating collaborative work and providing feedback on assignments throughout the course.