Training Activities Catalogue 2020

Training Activities Catalogue 2020

Sustainable Development Programme training activities 2020

catalogue 2020

SDP designs and delivers courses in partnership with the ILO, UN sister agencies and key international institutions like the World Bank, regional development banks, universities, and inter-governmental organizations.

Our training activities are currently delivered in English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic. We also provide advisory services for public procurement reform at the legal, institutional and managerial levels, as well as assistance in designing, implementing and evaluating development projects and programmes.

In partnership with the University of Turin and in collaboration with other international organizations, the Sustainable Development Programme – within the context of the Turin School of Development – offers a number of Masters that prepare new graduates and professionals, from both developed and developing countries, for immediate involvement in social and economic development work and/or for the performance of jobs that require an understanding of the rules of the globalized economy.