Customized courses


Customized courses

Meeting local training needs and contexts

Our tailor-made approach

We work with you to build the course you need

Today’s learners are tech-savvy and ready to co-create their learning journeys. That’s why the Centre’s mission is to help individuals build their knowledge and skills on a range of relevant topics through innovative training activities, delivered online, on campus, and in the field.

We also work with our constituents to design and deliver tailor-made training courses and training materials. When we’re not running our standard courses, we’re designing tailor-made ones. We work with partners to come up with the journey, process, and content for these customized experiences.

How does it work?

In-person and distance learning may be combined into a hybrid, multi-step learning journey. We provide flexible training options, including mobile-first courses, webinars, free self-guided modules, and more. Learners can earn stackable credentials, which lead to executive education certificates. 

By request, we also develop online learning platforms with an array of collaboration options for ILO constituents and other institutional partners. These external platforms help us amplify our outreach to people everywhere in the world of work.

Did you know?

More than 60% of our training activities from 2018 to 2019 were tailor-made. We reach tens of thousands learners per year with our customized courses.

Customized courses support specific development strategies, may be regional, national, or international in scope, and are available in a range of languages. These courses cover topics such as rights at work, employment, social protection, social dialogue, gender equality, sustainable development, training methodologies, and more.

What our participants say

Since the training, we have launched a new training service on OSH for our members, which is also open to government and trade union representatives.

Yorshabell Cattouse
Manager of Members Relations, Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry