Academy for ILO Entrepreneurship Trainers

ILO Entrepreneurship Trainers Academy

Academy for ILO Entrepreneurship Trainers

9 May–17 June 2022
The course is available in English, Español, العربية
Introduction to the academy

The ILO Entrepreneurship Trainers Academy 2022 offers participants the possibility to become certified trainers in the ILO SIYB training packages. This Online Academy combines intense training of trainers on both content and methodological issues, and cannot be missed by any trainer working for a public or private institution striving to make a real difference in the lives of new or existing entrepreneurs. It is based on the most recent versions of Generate Your Business Idea (GYB), Start Your Business (SYB) and Improve Your Business (IYB).

Who attends this academy?

The ILO Entrepreneurship Trainers Academy welcomes: - Trainers working for public or private institutions, BDS providers, microfinance institutions or as consultants; - Established ILO certified trainers who want to upgrade their skills and/or become trainers in new training packages; - Managers of enterprise development organizations or microfinance institutions, who wish to learn more about the training offered by the ILO for their programmes and projects.


The Entrepreneurship Trainers Academy will consist of three distinct phases:

  • Preparatory phase Distance

E-Campus ● 9 May–3 June 2022

The preparatory learning phase will be offered on the ITC-ILO E-campus and involves around 30 hours of work in total, starting on 9 May 2022. It can be done from any computer with Internet access. Participants will familiarize themselves with basic nomenclatures and concepts, the content of the selected training package and related on-line training methodologies.

  • On-line Training of Trainers

Distance with Webinar sessions ● 6–17 June 2022

Delivered by SIYB Master Trainers and ITCILO online training experts. This phase around 40 hours of work in total. Upon successful completion of the on-line Training of Trainers, participants will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

  • Post-TOT assignments

Face to face in your country ● 20 June 2022 - 30 November 2022

Participants who successfully completed the preparatory phase and the On-line Training of Trainers, will be required to themselves deliver two face to face SIYB training courses. Upon reception by the ITCILO of proof of successful course delivery in line with the required quality standards (video recording and course evaluation), participants will receive an SIYB trainers’ certificate. The estimated time investment during this phase is 100 hours. The delivery dates of these assignments will be agreed with each participant, bearing in mind the restrictions imposed on training delivery in the different countries by the present COVID-19 crisis.


In order to become a certified Trainer, all participants need to successfully complete the three phases of the Trainers Academy:

Preparatory phase

Distance E-Campus

  • Pass an online test related to the key contents of the training package.

On-line Training of Trainers

Distance with Webinar sessions

  • Full participation in the on-line Trainers of Trainers
  • Successful completion of distance learning phase, component sessions.

Post-Academy assignment

Face-to-face in the respective countries of the participants

  • Evidence of organizing, designing and facilitating post-academy trainings’ with real beneficiaries.

When the training process is completed, your Master Trainer will enter your completion data in the SIYB Gateway, an ILO web-based monitoring tool for SIYB, that generates the official certificate. The certificate is renewed every three years if the trainer has actively conducted training during that period.

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