Financial Education: Training of trainers and ILO certification

Financial Education: Training of trainers and ILO certification.  A programme for policy makers, practitioners and trainers

Financial Education: Training of trainers and ILO certification

A course for policy makers, practitioners and trainers

5–16 December 2022
The course is available in English, Español

This training programme brings together the accumulated experience, lessons learned and best practices on financial education, drawing on more than 15 years’ experience at the ILO.

Introduction to the course

The ILO Social finance programme and the International Training Center of the ILO offer participants the possibility to become certified trainers in the ILO Financial education training package. This Online Training of Trainers (O-TOT) combines intense training of trainers on both content and methodological issues. The programme contains certification options to candidates who are willing to finalize it and become ILO certified national trainers in Financial education.

Who attends this course?

The programme welcomes: - Representatives of public and regulatory authorities willing to upgrade their skills as trainers and financial education experts - Staff of financial service providers in charge of working with vulnerable population groups - Trainers working for public or private institutions, BDS providers, microfinance institutions, consultants; - Established ILO certified trainers who want to upgrade their skills and/or become trainers in new training packages; - Managers who are in search for partnership and wish to learn more about the training offered by the ILO for their programmes and projects


The programme consists of the following phases:


Training of trainers (Online TOT)

Zoom sessions
5 December to 16 December.

Delivered by ILO’s Financial Education international and regional trainers, this phase is around 35 hours of work. Upon successful completion of the on-line training of trainers, participants will receive a Certificate of Participation. 

The certificate of participation provides a right to proceed to the next phase as an ILO national trainer candidate in financial education. 

Upon receiving the certificate of participation, participating trainers are given a right to deliver 3 training courses to final beneficiaries (see description below). 

Zoom sessions will take place from 9.00 to 13.00 CET time (ROME) every day, during 10 working days, with 30 minutes break. Recordings will be made available for participants.


Post-TOT assignments

3 trainings in your own country
17 December 2022 to 20 December 2023

Participants who have prior experience in adults’ learning, successfully completed the Online Training of Trainers and are willing to be certified as ILO trainers in Financial education, will be encouraged to progress to receive ILO certification and deliver three training courses in their own countries to their audiences or target groups. Upon reception by the ITCILO of proof of successful course delivery in line with the required quality standards, participants will receive a certificate of achievement. Details of certification process, quality standards, certification criteria and reporting will be clarified to all participating candidates. The estimated time investment during this phase is 75 hours.

Upon completion of this phase, candidates receive a Certificate of Achievement and certification as an ILO national trainer in Financial education. The certificate provides with a right to deliver the ILO training to final beneficiaries in financial education, independently and autonomously.

Webinar schedule 

Zoom sessions will take place from 9.00 to 13.00 CET time (ROME) every day, during 10 working days, with 30 minutes break. Recordings will be made available for participants. 

Contact to obtain a detailed timetable.


This Online TOT is offered in English and Spanish. 

Programmes in French and Arabic can be offered upon request.


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