Master in Occupational Safety and Health

Master in Occupational Safety and Health
Health and safety

Master in Occupational Safety and Health

7 September 2020–31 August 2021
The course is available in English

In both developed and developing countries, the rapid pace of technological change, combined with the persistence of unsafe and environmentally threatening working conditions, has served to focus attention on the need to create a safe, healthy working environment and to promote a coherent safety culture in the workplace. This Masters Programme seeks to fill this human resources gap.

Key features
Modern methods

Learn by doing, through case studies, workshops, and group exercises

Inspiring discussions

Exchange ideas with international students and faculty

High-level resources

Engage with experts from the ILO and other international organizations

Who attends this course?
  • Hygienists, physicians, chemists, engineers, inspectors, practitioners and officials with a university degree but without previous specialization in OSH
What are the topics?

Becoming a safety and health professional requires multidisciplinary training.

  • Specialized knowledge in physical sciences (medicine, physics, chemistry and engineering)
  • Experience with social sciences (behaviour, motivation and communication)
  • Principles and concepts of management
What will I learn?

The course is structured in three parts: online learning, residential classes, and an individual research paper.

  • Different and valuable experiences from international backgrounds 
  • Enhancement of analytical and problem solving skills
  • Development of organizational, managerial and interpersonal skills
What will I be able to do?

This intensive, year-long course combines online and residential work for students at different stages of their careers.

  • Manage the use of procedures, techniques, methods and other tools for hazard identification, risk evaluation and risk control.
  • Formulate, implement and evaluate a safety and health management plan for an enterprise, incorporating essential OSH concepts and fundamental techniques of OSH management.
  • Advise employers and workers on OSH technical requirements of OSH.
  • Support the efforts of an enterprise to improve its OSH.
Why should I enroll?

Students learn by studying, collaborating, and observing practitioners in action.

  • Study visits to 13 different productive settings are planned in order to offer direct interaction with experts in the field.
  • Dedicated tutors are available to answer questions and provide support throughout the learning journey.
  • Teaching methodologies include lectures, workshops, and case studies, as well as an online platform for readings, videos, and exercises.

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