Project Design Certification Programme - 2nd edition

Project Design Certification Programme - 2nd edition
Project management

Project Design Certification Programme - 2nd edition

11 November 2019–14 February 2020
The course is available in English

This tutor-based online certification programme provides a practical approach to project design, helping professionals reach their long-term goals. It brings together experts in project management and resource mobilization, as well as creative thinkers, in a collaborative and instructive online space.

Are you ready to become a certified project design professional?


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Self-guided interactive learning modules, tutor-based assignments, and coaching


Design a real project and become a certified professional 


Learn from ILO experts in project design and management

Who attends this course?


  • Development cooperation professionals
  • Resource mobilization officers
  • Project managers and assistants
  • Programming and planning officials
What topics does this course cover?

Well-written project documents ensure success and mitigate risks, before implementation.

  • Project cycle management
  • Project design and budgeting processes
  • Project document
  • Project appraisal
What will I learn?

All exercises and case studies are based on real calls for proposals to international and
public sector organizations.

  • Project cycle management principles, approaches, processes, practices, and its application to project design
  • A detailed and structured methodology of project design, based on emerging practices
  • Practical tools and techniques to identify, design, and plan projects
  • Information about funding sources and financial instruments in the context of development cooperation
What will I be able to do?

Participants develop a project proposal, which can be adapted to fit real professional contexts in the future.

  • Identify project opportunities for an organization
  • Use a set of tools and techniques to identify, design, plan, and budget projects
  • Develop a project document and mobilize resources
  • Identify potential partnerships
Why should I join?

This course includes a distance learning phase, which frees up classroom time for more
practical exercises.

  • Project design skills are essential to workers in the development cooperation field.
  • Employers that sponsor participants receive project documents ready for use, and participants become certified professionals.
  • The programme was developed by project management experts and practitioners.
  • Participatory activities include self-guided modules, an online forum, and practical assignments.

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