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Managing your agricultural cooperative.


My.COOP is a training package and programme on the management of agricultural cooperatives.

It has been designed for existing and potential managers of agricultural cooperatives as well as for members involved in managerial tasks to strengthen the management of agricultural cooperatives and provide guidance to cater for member satisfaction, business opportunities and social considerations.

Proper management enables cooperatives to offer high quality, efficient and effective services to their members.

Moreover, well managed agricultural cooperatives can also contribute to wider development issues such as food security, sustainable use of natural resources and inclusive employment creation.

My.COOP training package

The objective of this training material is to enable existing and potential managers of agricultural cooperatives to identify and address major challenges that are specific to cooperatives in market oriented agricultural development.

Cooperatives may find themselves stretched between (at times conflicting) members’ interests, business opportunities and social considerations.

Within such context cooperative managers should ensure sound decision-making on service provision for services that are common to many agricultural cooperatives, including supply of farm inputs and marketing.

These issues are reflected in the modular structure of the My.COOP package training package


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