Advanced Contract Management

Advanced Procurement Management
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Advanced Contract Management

23 Settembre–4 Ottobre 2024
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Presentazione del corso

Crisis situations as the current economic, climate and energy crisis and the Pandemic effects have extensively impacted the way we live and we do business, creating threats and risks. Multiple challenges related to supply chains disruption, poor supply chain transparency, unforeseen conditions requires to take agile decisions when dealing with contracts, to rapidly adapt in dynamic contexts with different strategies. To cope with constantly emerging challenges, it is pivotal to enhance effective contracting, mastering skills in contract management planning, implemention and monitoring. Advanced contract management and effective oversight of contract performance is, indeed, an essential step to achieve optimal procurement management, ensuring the successful delivery of a specific procurement. As a matter of fact, the public procurement process does not end with signing a procurement contract. When a contracting authority enters into a contract with suppliers, the arrangement cannot just be left to run. Contracts are frequently complex, they may involve multiple actors, last a long time and consume resources. It is, therefore, vital that they are properly managed to enable both the contracting authority and the suppliers to meet their contractual obligations. Are you ready to learn more on various contract administration functions for a successful procurement delivery aligned with the "scope", "quality", "time" and "cost" provisions of the recognized standards of professional practice? Join the Advanced Procurement Management course to learn more on contract administration and adaptive project management, acquiring a spectrum of advanced technical, procedural and business competencies. You will discover more on close and practical exposure to the various supervision, performance-tracking, trend-analysis and reporting procedures typically used in contract administration of nationally-funded or International Financial Institution (IFI)-funded procurement.

Chi si iscrive a questo corso?

This course addresses project directors and contract administration and procurement staff working in national government service and development projects, regardless of the source of the funding (staff of IFI-funded projects - World Bank, Asian and African development banks, European Union, United Nations etc. - will find the course particularly useful for complementing their project and procurement management skills). Also technical specialists, national project coordinators project managers and assistants, staff of international organizations, national development planning officials, NGO officials involved in the development of project proposals and in resource mobilization activities, will all find the course particularly useful to complement their project and procurement management skills.

What will I be able to do?

Throughout the course, you will be able to competently plan and carry out in the adaptive and agile manner the various contract administration functions for advanced procurement management and successful delivery of goods, works and services. You will do that in accordance with the “scope”, “quality”, “time” and “money” provisions of the respective contracts, and recognised standards of professional practice. By the end of the course, you will also understand the intimate link between contract administration and successful project management including reporting with respect to accomplishment of project outputs and objectives.

​​​What does the programme contain?

Throughout the course, you will explore all essential pieces to become an advanced procurement manager, namely:

  • Legal Background: contract law, contract formation and remedies under contracts
  • Project Procurement Strategy for Development (PPSD) and  Contract Management Plan (CMP)
  • Risk management under contracts
  • Project management background
  • Goods vs Services-dominant logics
  • The contract: contract types, incompleteness and ambiguity, intent and interpretation, liabilities and indemnities
  • Contract management: roles and responsibilities, change management, liabilities and indemnities
  • Guidelines: relationship management, negotiation management, agile contract management
  • Setting up an Monitoring & Evaluation Plan
  • Data Collection Plan
  • Contract Performance Review
  • Contract Compliance Review
  • Quality management
  • Time management
  • Disclaimers
  • Price Adjustment
  • Deliverable Accountability
  • Management of Experts
  • Payments
  • Liability
  • Setting up and reporting on KPI’s
  • Managing performance-based payments
  • Contract Delivery Methods
  • FIDIC Forms of Contract
  • Role of Engineer
  • Managing changes in Construction
  • Managing Inspection
  • Managing delays and compensation
  • Contract close-out
  • Claims and Dispute Procedures
What approach and methodology is used to deliver the online course?

This professional training is delivered face-to-face at ITCILO Campus in Turin, by ITC-ILO senior contract management specialists along-with consultants from academia and the private sector. A highly participative training delivery methodology will be adopted through a combination of presentations by subject-matter specialists, plenary discussions and group works. Individual and group assignments are used extensively dealing with typical problems that may raise throughout the public procurement process, enabling measurement of participants’ learning achievement. 

Solution and analysis of case studies are emphasised as principal techniques for acquisition of new knowledge and attainment of prescribed exit competencies. Individual guidance is also provided, upon request, to help participants to troubleshoot procurement-related problems on their own projects.

What certification will I get as a successful candidate?

At the end of this course, you will obtain a Certificate of Participation once you have completed successfully the programme requirements.

This certificate will demonstrate that you possess the right knowledge, skills and attitudes to plan and execute the entire contract administration process in the flexible and agile manner. 

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