Analytics for Learning: Leveraging Data for Effective Training

Analytics for Learning: Leveraging Data for Effective Training (NEW)

Analytics for Learning: Leveraging Data for Effective Training

6 Maggio–7 Giugno 2024
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Presentazione del corso

In today's rapidly evolving educational environment, the strategic utilization of data has become paramount for training institutions striving to elevate the quality of learning experiences and broaden their impact. "Analytics for Learning: Leveraging Data for Effective Training" is a dynamic online course meticulously crafted to equip educators, learning designers, training managers, and administrators with the indispensable knowledge and skills required to harness the potential of data analytics. Throughout this course, participants will gain invaluable insights into leveraging data-driven approaches to refine learning design, monitor learner progression, and make informed decisions at the institutional level.

Chi si iscrive a questo corso?

This course is tailored for a diverse audience that includes: - Educators, trainers, and instructional designers seeking to leverage data analytics for informed decision-making and improved learning outcomes. - Training managers, administrators, and curriculum developers interested in enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness, and alignment of training programs with organizational objectives. - Professionals involved in outreach, marketing, and promotional activities for educational institutions, seeking to optimize strategies based on data-driven insights.

Learning Goals and Outcomes
  1. Describe the key principles and concepts of data analytics and analyze their relevance and application within the training sector.
  2. Utilize data analytics techniques at the micro level to optimize instructional design decisions, ensuring alignment with learning objectives and enhancing learning outcomes.
  3. Utilize data analytics at the meso level to analyze trends and patterns across multiple courses or curriculum components, enabling informed decision-making for course management, improvement, and alignment with organizational objectives.
  4. Analyze data at the macro level to inform institutional decision-making, enhance organizational governance, and align training programs with strategic objectives and performance metrics.
  5. Explore future trends in data analytics for learning and understand the role of AI in data processing.

The course aims at providing a theoretical approach to data analytics. Basic tools will be explained during the course and no coding skills are required.

Course Outline
  • Introduction to data analytics in the learning and training sector
  • Types of data relevant to analytics for learning
  • Tools and techniques for data collection and analysis
  • Using analytics for instructional design
  • Tracking learner progress and achievement
  • Communication outreach strategies based on data insights
  • Analyzing data for a collection of courses or curriculum
  • Making informed decisions on course management and improvement
  • Implementing data-driven strategies for course alignment and effectiveness
  • Governance insights through data analytics
  • Using data to inform institutional policies and decisions
  • Future trends in analytics for learning
  • Predictive analytics and the role of AI in data processing 

Each week will consist of video lectures, readings, case studies, discussions, and practical assignments to reinforce learning objectives. Participants will engage in collaborative activities and have access to expert feedback and support throughout the course.

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