e-Learning Design Lab Coaching on methods, tools and latest trends

The future of e-Learning: Designing for 21st century learners

e-Learning Design Lab Coaching on methods, tools and latest trends

Coaching on methods, tools and latest trends

2 Maggio–24 Giugno 2022
Il corso è disponibile in English, Português
Key features
Learn differently

On-the-job training, online coaching, and performance support

High-level resources

Learn from ILO specialists, ITCILO trainers, and external lecturers

Flexible training

This fully online course fits into your busy schedule

Presentazione del corso

This online course takes the form of a design lab, in which participants are guided through the whole process of e-Learning design. Content is unlocked on a weekly basis and is packaged into design activities intended to provide participants with the necessary concepts, methods and tools for tackling their own e-learning challenges. As well as working on the highly interactive and participatory modular course materials, participants will collaborate with peers in designing their own e-learning project and will have access to individualized coaching to help them cope with the most pressing issues.

Chi si iscrive a questo corso?

Trainers responsible for designing and implementing e-learning courses and programmes; technical specialists occasionally involved in training or e-learning; training evaluators; professionals responsible for organizational learning and change; e-learning specialists.


I'm now more aware of how to assure quality in the different phases of an e-learning project.

Ilaria Costantini
Education officer at ETUI
What topics does this course cover?

This fully online course helps participants recognize and apply modern e-Learning methods to their professional context.

  • e-Learning instructional design models
  • e-Facilitation and e-Moderation
  • Online Assessment Strategies
  • Learning Technologies for Increased Engagement
  • Online Communication and Collaboration
  • e-Learning Quality Assurance Frameworks
What will I learn?

Participants dive into the latest e-Learning trends, including MOOCs, Mobile Learning, Gamification, Augmented Reality, Multimodal Learning among others.

  • Topics related to instructional design, including an introduction to design thinking for online education.
  • e-facilitation strategies and how to incorporate them in different e-Learning projects.
  • Communication tools for different audiences.
  • How to choose the right multimedia materials for online delivery.
What I will be able to do?
  • Identify and compare different online tools for more effective learning activities.
  • Utilize various e-Learning instructional models to improve projects.
  • Access a range of e-Learning tools for online assessment, collaboration, communication, and more.
  • Design an e-learning strategy for specific workplace needs.
Why should I join?
  • This course combines individual learning with tailored and project-based coaching.
  • This course is designed according to international quality standards.
  • Trainers are e-Learning experts who are motivated to help participants learn at a distance.
  • The course’s micro online modules fit into even the busiest of schedules.

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