Services Development

Services Development

Services Development

Il corso è disponibile in English, Français, Español

This module has been developed by the Programme for Employers' Activities of the International Training Centre of the ILO in 2011, revised in 2014 and in 2020

Presentazione del corso

This course is designed to help executives, directors and managers of EBMOs  to build and run their organizations more successfully.

The module follows a step-by-step approach to improving the effectiveness of service provision by E
BMOs. It provides a wealth of practical advice, tools, good practice examples and exercises to accompany EBMOs in their capacity-building efforts.

It takes approximately one hour and a half to complete the module and the final test.

Chi si iscrive a questo corso?

Executives, directors and managers of Employers’ & Business Membership  Organizations (EBMOs)

What will I learn?

Identify key reasons for an EBMO to offer services to their members. In addition, apply a strategic approach for an EBMO to identify, position and deliver relevant quality services to members.


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