Evaluation Manager Certification Programme

Evaluation Manager Certification Programme

Evaluation Manager Certification Programme

Strengthening the ILO staff capacity in managing credible evaluations

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The ILO development cooperation projects are subject to evaluations, either self, internal, or independent evaluation. The large number of project evaluations precludes the staff of the ILO’s Evaluation Office (EVAL) from managing all of them in-house. Most of the project evaluations are, therefore, managed by ILO staff who have received training. These staff volunteer to perform this task in the interest of the organization, with guidance provided by the Regional Evaluation Officer or Departmental Evaluation Focal Point and oversight by EVAL. Strengthening the ILO staff capacity in managing credible evaluations would undeniably contribute to enhancing evaluation culture and learning and accountability of the Organization.

This tailor-made course is available upon request and may be customized for local, national, and international organizations. Contact us to learn more.

Chi si iscrive a questo corso?

The EMCP is open to officials at the professional level: e.g. programme officers, monitoring and evaluation officers, DWT specialists and under exceptional circumstances project staff at the professional level. The certification programme has been designed to equip ILO officials with theoretical knowledge and practical skills that can readily be applied in assisting with the evaluation process of projects.

Certification programme stages

Certification for Evaluation Managers has been designed by EVAL in order to develop competencies of the ILO staff. Core competencies are identified to provide staff with professional skills to manage evaluations. They will also strengthen their understanding of the relevance of evaluation to project design, management, and broader organizational objectives.

The Evaluation Manager Certification Programme (EMCP) is made up of two stages:

  • a training phase consisting of six modules, knowledge tests and assignments on the e-learning platform, called eCampus, combined with group-based learning during weekly webinars facilitated by experts. During this phase, participants are exposed to the technical requirements, the tools and techniques required to successfully manage an evaluation, and are guided by individual coaching;
  • a practicum phase in which participants are asked to manage an evaluation (under guided supervision) using the acquired know-how and the management tools and techniques provided during the training phase.

Upon successful completion of all phases, participants will be awarded with an official Evaluation Manager Certificate signed by the ILO Director General.

How will I benefit?

Participants involved in the ILO Evaluation Manager Certification Programme will enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Development of key capabilities which are necessary for the delivery of organizational objectives;
  • Certification that will promote personal career progression in-and outside the ILO;
  • Customized evaluation training from internationally recognized experts;
  • Guided practice to ensure a high rate of course completion;
  • Access to a network through a growing ILO evaluation community of practice.

A fully participatory action-oriented approach will be adopted, drawing as much as possible on the practical experience of participants. The training will be a combination of interactive subject-matter presentations with group assignments designed to enhance team work. It will allow practical applications of the tools and techniques and to continuously measure learning achievement. The facilitators will help to create an environment conducive to dialogue, experience-sharing and partnership building.

Facilitators will also monitor the learning process and introduce remedies, if needed (e.g. complementary sessions or specific support will also be given during both phases of the programme).

Participants will be provided with background information prior to the training phase and will receive the training material and instructions through the ITCILO eCampus platform.


The programme is sponsored by the ILO Regional Offices.

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