Labour Force Survey Design

Labour Force Survey (LFS) Design

Labour Force Survey Design

20 Maggio–28 Giugno 2024
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Learn how to design a Labour Force Survey (LFS) in line with the most recent international statistical standards adopted at the global level. In this course, you will learn about the main components needed to be present in a LFS in order to capture the real situation of the labour market from both the demand and supply side. - This course qualifies for the Labour Market Statistics & Analysis Diploma.

Chi si iscrive a questo corso?

- Labour Statisticians from national statistical offices who are responsible for the LFS design; - Officials from Ministries of labour and related institutions (such as labour observatories); Other Ministries or Government institutions in charge of SDG statistical monitoring, and ILO Social Partners; - Employment and development policy analysts from National Statistical Offices; - Research and Academic institutions, International organizations and Donor organizations; and - Officials responsible for managing the production and dissemination of labour market statistics, particularly for the SDG national reporting.

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