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Podcast for development

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Technology-enhanced learning is accelerating in these times, but not all e-learning methods are suited for all target audiences. This project-based learning course aims to target low-budget learning options by transforming old radio community approaches into contemporary podcasting. This hands-on workshop aims for participants to collaboratively make a podcast and build the skills for developing new learning content accessible through mobile phones. This fresh podcasting approach intertwines innovation, technology, communication, social change, and development.   

This tailor-made course is available upon request and may be customized for local, national, and international organizations. Contact us to learn more.

Chi si iscrive a questo corso?
  • Trainers and facilitators who want to diversify learning through podcasts
  • Subject-matter experts who look to deliver material differently
  • Communicators and creatives who wish to curate audio for a change
What questions will this course answer?
  • How to create a podcasting platform for your organization? 
  • How to set up an audio curriculum that can be scaled up?
  • How to engage remotely with expert interviews? 
  • How to create engagement networks around your podcasts?
What will I learn?

How to set up an educational podcast network to engage with subject-matter experts in pedagogically innovative ways.

In particular, you will explore 5 topics:

  • Impactful interview techniques
  • Compelling storyline & storytelling rules
  • Captivating voiceover tips and tricks
  • Music and effects guidelines
  • “Auditory thinking” through scene creation
Which tools and technologies are used in this course?

We provide options from an open-source approach towards the installation of a professional low-budget podcast station. Beyond the technological infrastructure, we look into interesting engagement models with subject-matter experts that move beyond the traditional broadcasting interview or presentation style.

Why should I join?

Today’s technologies offer a diverse set of functionalities that boost audience interaction and engagement. Moving beyond traditional e-learning and communication solutions, podcasts revitalize one of the oldest technologies into a contemporary 21st format.


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