Project Design Certification Programme (4th edition)

Project Design Certification Programme (online)

Project Design Certification Programme (4th edition)

25 Maggio–14 Agosto 2020
Il corso è disponibile in English

This tutor-based online certification programme provides a practical approach to project design, helping professionals reach their long-term goals. It brings together experts in project management and resource mobilization, as well as creative thinkers, in a collaborative and instructive online space.

Are you ready to become a certified project design professional?

Key features

Stay and study on the banks of the Po River


Self-guided interactive learning modules, tutor-based assignments, and coaching


Design a real project and become a certified professional 


Learn from ILO experts in project design and management

Presentazione del corso

This certification programme will help to strengthen participants' knowledge and skills in designing and writing project proposals, including the oversight of such processes. It also aims to enhance participants' ability to identify and leverage opportunities for mobilizing financial resources for projects. By professionalizing and certifying their staff, organizations sponsoring participants in this certification programme will strengthen their own institutional capacity for designing successful projects and raising funding for them.

Chi si iscrive a questo corso?

Technical specialists; national project coordinators; project managers and assistants; staff of international organizations; national development planning officials; non-governmental organization officials involved in the development of project proposals and in resource mobilization activities.

What topics does this course cover?

Well-written project documents ensure success and mitigate risks, before implementation.

  • Project cycle management
  • Project design and budgeting processes
  • Project document
  • Project appraisal
What will I learn?

All exercises and case studies are based on real calls for proposals to international and
public sector organizations.

  • Project cycle management principles, approaches, processes, practices, and its application to project design
  • A detailed and structured methodology of project design, based on emerging practices
  • Practical tools and techniques to identify, design, and plan projects
  • Information about funding sources and financial instruments in the context of development cooperation
What will I be able to do?

Participants develop a project proposal, which can be adapted to fit real professional contexts in the future.

  • Identify project opportunities for an organization
  • Use a set of tools and techniques to identify, design, plan, and budget projects
  • Develop a project document and mobilize resources
  • Identify potential partnerships
Why should I join?

This course includes a distance learning phase, which frees up classroom time for more
practical exercises.

  • Project design skills are essential to workers in the development cooperation field.
  • Employers that sponsor participants receive project documents ready for use, and participants become certified professionals.
  • The programme was developed by project management experts and practitioners.
  • Participatory activities include self-guided modules, an online forum, and practical assignments.

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