Social Security Inspection (NEW)

Social Securtiy Inspection (NEW)
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Social Security Inspection (NEW)

26–30 Agosto 2024
Il corso è disponibile in English
Presentazione del corso

The course will provide the participants with a panorama of current approaches to the social security inspection as well as the most relevant tools, resources and strategies. The course is built around the interaction between social security, occupational safety and labour inspection. Participants will have an opportunity to explore practical issues surrounding the preparation, conduction, and follow-up of inspection visits as well as accident investigations. This training activity also embraces the human rights approach to social security and protection against certain life risks and social needs.

Chi si iscrive a questo corso?

¿ Social security inspectors; ¿ Labour inspectors at central or provincial level; ¿ Labour inspection system managers; ¿ Officials from the labour administration system; ¿ Officials of the public or social security institutions; ¿ Trainers from labour administration/inspection training institutions; ¿ Representatives of employers' and workers' organizations with a special interest in inspection; ILO officials and staff from technical cooperation projects; ¿ Experts, researchers and consultants on inspection-related issues. The ILO promotes equality of opportunities and strongly encourages women's applications.

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