Tools for Quality Apprenticeships in Enterprises

Tools for quality apprenticeships in enterprises

Tools for Quality Apprenticeships in Enterprises

Il corso è disponibile in English, Français, Español

This course serves as an interactive, self-paced learning platform that will guide you through the design and implementation of quality apprenticeship programmes.

Key features

The course supports you in implementing successful apprenticeship programmes.




The course is tailored and designed for enterprise leaders


The course covers all aspects related to the design, implementation and assessment of apprenticeship programmes

Presentazione del corso

The overall objective of Tools for Quality Apprenticeships in Enterprises is to assist enterprises to design and implement quality apprenticeship programmes. This course achieves this goal by providing a concise set of key information and practical tools (e.g. templates, check lists, useful samples) based on the experiences of selected successful enterprises in apprenticeship training. Since intended users include managers of SMEs, whose financial and managerial capacity may be limited, the course intends to provide information that helps them overcome the constraints they face. The ultimate objective is to help alleviate skills mismatch by promoting the development of demand-driven training programmes.

Chi si iscrive a questo corso?

The course is designed for enterprise managers who are in charge of developing and implementing a quality apprenticeship programme. Furthermore, it pays special attention to additional constraints that confront SMEs in implementing quality apprenticeships.

What will I learn?

You will have the opportunity to learn about the practical tools and good practices from selected enterprises in different countries that may be applicable to your enterprise.

What will I be able to do?
  • Understand the key elements and tools for apprenticeships based on the experience of many companies around the world
  • Design and implement a Quality Apprenticeship programme
How is this course organized?

The course, after a rich introduction, gives an overview of steps to develop quality apprenticeship programmes and then dives deep in the concrete tools to implement quality apprenticeships in enterprises.

These tools lead the participant in discovering hands-on solutions related to assessing skills needs, developing and implementing apprenticeship plans, tackling the aspect related to the relationships with the apprentice as well as all pedagogical dimensions related to the carrying out and assessment of the skills developed in the apprenticeships programme.

Why should I join?

Join this course if you’re motivated to improve apprenticeships for the future of work. Tools for Quality Apprenticeships in Enterprises:

  • Has a hands-on approach, highlights best practices, and introduces new tools and methodologies.
  • Supports participants in enhancing their learning.
  • Gets to the core of current debates and research on tools for concrete implementation of quality apprenticeships.

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