ILO Governance and Tripartism Department Retreat


ILO Governance and Tripartism Department Retreat

Igniting Team Spirit and Innovation in a Fully-Online Experience


Three days to supercharge collaboration and innovation. We designed a customized retreat for the ILO Governance and Tripartism Department with three goals: 1) foster team spirit; 2) identify areas for collaboration; and 3) raise awareness of the department’s work.


What we did:

  • Online sessions optimized for participants in different regions/time zones
  • Envisioning exercises that foster team spirit
  • Discussion of a possible communication strategy for the department
  • Design sprint around innovative collaboration initiatives
  • One-day virtual fair showcasing the Department’s approaches and tools
  • Prizes for best exhibition stands

This fully-online experience also included a one-day virtual fair (vFair), open to all ILO staff. What happened? People from all over the world met in a visually-rich digital environment to learn about the Department’s approaches and tools – no traveling required.

And, of course, we timed the online sessions so that participants in different time zones could participate during working hours.

A total of 244 people attended the retreat. The Department left the event with insights on a possible communication strategy, Minimum Viable Products for innovative collaboration initiatives, and a stronger team overall.

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