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Recognition of Foreign Degrees

In accordance with the Italian law, if you hold a Bachelor's degree awarded outside Italy, the Recognition of such degree is compulsory for the enrollment at any Italian University.

The Recognition is obtained through the Declaration of Value, a letter of academic eligibility and suitability issued by the Italian Embassy or Consulate in the country where the Bachelor's degree was awarded.

The Declaration of Value certifies that a foreign title of study, issued in a certain country, is in compliance with the Italian legislation for education purposes.

In order to obtain the recognition of your Bachelor's Degree, you need to provide us with the following documents:

  • Declaration of value of your Bachelor's degree (Dichiarazione di Valore in loco – DV), issued by the competent Italian diplomatic authorities (Embassies and Consulates) of the country in which your degree was awarded. It is an official document written in Italian providing a short description of your academic qualification and certifying that your Bachelor's Degree is equivalent to a three-year first level Italian University Degree for a total number of minimum 15 years of education.  If you received your degree in a country different than yours, please contact the related Embassy. For example if you are Chinese but you were awarded a degree from a university in Germany, you must contact the German Embassy in China. The Declaration of Value must be accompanied by a certified copy of your Bachelor's degree and transcripts (referring to all years of studying); these can also be replaced by the Diploma Supplement, where applicable;
  • Original (or certified copy) of your degree and academic transcripts legalized by the competent Ministry or office in charge  (referring to all years of studying). Please check locally. The Legalization is the documentary device by which a Government's Foreign Ministry authenticates a recognized Public Document, such as a University Degree or University Transcripts, as genuine and valid, thereby legalizing that document for use in any other member country under the terms laid out in the 1961 The Hague Conference on Private International Law. This means providing official Government verification of the signatures and stamps appearing on your degree and transcripts. If your country did not join the Hague Convention, there are other ways of legalizing a document for international validity (i.e. through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country, or a notary plus the Italian Embassy);
  • Copy of the Italian translation of your Bachelor's degree and the relative transcripts, provided by an official translator (recognized by the Italian embassy). Embassies/Consulates can either validate non-official translations or provide you with a list of official translators.