Academic Day of the Turin School of Development (TSD) of the ITCILO

Academic Day of the Turin School of Development (TSD) of the ITCILO

TSD Academy day

On Tuesday 17 May, at the ITCILO’s Conference Centre, the Turin School of Development celebrated its Academic Day, acknowledging the Masters’ Programmes organized by the ILO’s International Training Centre, in partnership with the University of Turin and the Politecnico of Turin and with the support of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo.

The ceremony was attended by Prof. Stefano Geuna, Rector of the University of Turin, Prof. Laura Montanaro, Deputy Rector of the Politecnico of Turin, Ms Michela Favaro, Deputy Mayor of the City of Turin, Couns. Roberto Mengoni of the Directorate General for Italian Citizens Abroad and Migration Policies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy and Mr Alberto Anfossi, Secretary General of the Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo.

In the last few years, with the involvement of UN agencies and renowned worldwide universities and thanks to the continuous support of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, the School has gradually increased the number of the Masters offered. The School covers areas such as international trade, development management, intellectual property, public procurement, industrial relations, health and safety, social innovation.

More than 3,500 students from all over the world have obtained a Master’s degree.


In the words of Mr. Allan Martinez Venegas from Costa Rica, participant in the Master in Social Innovation for Sustainable Development: “Since we started working together, we have brought and shared our diverse experiences, and have looked for the knowledge, guidance, and inspiration to align ourselves with United Nations Sustainable Development goals and tackle the world’s wicked problems. We have learned how convoluted and challenging that can be. We have been joyful and frustrated, inspired and discouraged, all at the same time. We have learned that many things are unclear and hard to define. Among these complex feelings and experiences, I have also learned about 3 things that are undeniable, that leave no room for doubt: the dedication of our staff and professors; the drive of my colleagues, the best group of Social Innovators this campus has ever seen; and the unwavering work of the communities we aim to serve and work with.