The Centre welcomes a bipartite delegation from Norway

The Centre welcomes a bipartite delegation from Norway

On Thursday 28 March 2019, a Norwegian delegation will visit the campus to learn how the Centre operates.

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The delegation will consist of members of the following organizations: the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS), the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO), the Confederation of Vocational Unions (YS) and the Federation of Norwegian Professional Associations (Akademikerne Union).

They form a group of social partners concerned with collective agreements for municipal and regional authorities in Norway, covering approximately 500,000 employees.

This visit is a follow-up to a series of meetings held at ILO headquarters in Geneva in 2017. The objective is to raise awareness among employers’ and employees’ representatives of the important role played by the ILO in ensuring sustainable, safe and decent workplaces.

The delegation will gain in-depth knowledge of the Centre's work in areas such as social dialogue, negotiation, employers’ and workers’ activities, and local development.