Take one.... Action !!!

Take one.... Action !!!

We’re not just about training… Last August, we hosted a film crew for several days on campus, where they shot a number of scenes in a series to be aired on Italian TV.

Action for movie

The series is an Italian adaptation of the British mini-series “Liar”. The action takes place in Turin, whose old-world settings, sumptuous baroque buildings, cafés, wide avenues and spacious squares formed a perfect back-drop for this relational thriller. 

The show “Non Mentire” will be broadcast on Canale 5, an Italian national TV channel, starting on Sunday 17 February.

It features two well-known Italian actors in the key roles, Alessandro Preziosi and Greta Scarano.

All the scenes relating to the police investigation were shot in in the Centre’s Piemonte and Asia pavilions, so if you know the Centre and are thinking of watching the series as it is streamed, keep a sharp look-out and enjoy the show!