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An initiative by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITCILO), ADB BUILDPROC is a pivotal investment in professionalism by ADB, augmenting on sustainability of investments while advancing safeguards and the response to climate change.

Procurement plays a crucial role between funding and development outcomes. ADB BUILDPROC's efforts to enhance procurement have an impact on development results, amplifying their significance through a more efficient use of public funds, strengthening institutions, reinforcing good governance, and bolstering the capacity within the procurement system.

This programme aims to contribute to the professionalization in the workplace of the management functions inherent to procurement. The objective of ADB BUILDPROC is to ensure its practicality, usefulness and direct applicability to professionals actively engaged in project procurement and contract management within ADB financed projects, Executing and Implementing Agencies (EAs/IAs).

ADB BUILDPROC is a three-tier certification programme delivered online and in person, built on knowledge, skills and attitudes competencies.

ADB BUILDPROC works to achieve
  • Professionalization of the procurement function for ADB constituents.
  • Effectiveness of development aid agenda, promoting a more efficient use of public funds, contributing to institutional strengthening, good governance and improves public procurement systems in line with internationally accepted standards
  • A partnership network between ADB and ITCILO and expanding the existing partnership to include key stakeholders involved in funding critical procurements for projects and promoting development and economic growth.
  • A global Community of Practice, establishing a sustainable network of procurement professionals within ADB member countries. This network will encompass ADB BUILDPROC participants, graduates, trainers, and procurement experts from various nations, serving as a platform for sharing experiences and fostering discussions.
  • A high quality, comprehensive and sustainable certification programme in project procurement to ADB constituents, in EAs/IAs and in ADB financed projects.
  • Successful participants receive a professional certification attesting their capacity to effectively plan and conduct project procurement, for the respective Tier/Module.  Participants that complete all three modules successfully, become eligible for the ITCILO Procurement Diploma.
Useful Information

Project Coordinator: Ms Blerina Pogace, ITCILO DEVINVEST


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ADB was established in 1966, it is owned by 68 members—49 from the region. ADB supports projects in developing member countries that create economic and development impact, delivered through both public and private sector operations, advisory services, and knowledge support.



  • ADB BUILDPROC is a fertile ground for new learning. “Principle-based procurement, fit-for-purpose, risk-based approach”, I heard them before. However, ADB BUILDPROC clarified them and made them more concrete through case studies, lectures, readings, assignments, and quizzes.
  • ADB BUILDPROC certification programme has been incredibly valuable. It has significantly enhanced our procurement skills, providing us with practical insights and knowledge. The content of this certification is very relevant, and the trainers' expertise has been evident in their guidance. This program has truly been a beneficial and insightful experience, also very much well panned from start until now.
  • What I like most in ADB BUILDPROC is that it offers unique insights into navigating complex regulatory environments, ensuring transparency, and promoting fair competition. It empowers participants with skills to manage public funds responsibly, promote accountability, sustainability and foster economic development through well-executed procurement processes.
  • The Module 3, face-to-face session ITCILO and ADB BUILDPROC teams orchestrated was both respected and valued. Your eclectic approach, blending expert insights with engaging learning methods like group activities, provided an extraordinary life experience. This approach broadened the horizons of public procurement, especially emphasizing the sustainability perspective. We thoroughly enjoyed this learning opportunity, delving into the history of Turin, and much more. Words fall short in capturing the value, reminiscence, and lasting memories of this journey.
  • Hats off to ITC and ADB for staging an excellent week of both theoretical and practical discussions on all things procurement. Look forward to more such program that will add value to our professional development.
  • ADB BUILDPROC is a robust certification program that offers extensive coverage of procurement topics, encompassing fundamentals, principles, and best practices to ensure a strong foundational understanding, additionally, it benefits from expert instructors who bring real-word experience and insights, while also fostering networking opportunities for participants to connect, exchange experiences, and gain valuable insights from one another.