BUILD PROC: Empowering Agricultural Procurement Excellence Globally

Capacity building

BUILD PROC: Empowering Agricultural Procurement Excellence Globally

Progressive Training, Dynamic Workshops, and a Sustainable Community for IFAD's Global Procurement Professionals


Progressive training programmes. Dynamic workshops. A global community of practice.

We helped the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) create the BUILD PROC training programme and accompanying website, an interactive online platform where procurement professionals working on agricultural and rural development can skill up and connect with one another.


What we did:

  • Learning needs analysis to tailor training curricula for participants
  • Training material development and competency framework
  • Three-tier certification programmes in online and blended modalities
  • Multilingual cohort of procurement trainers
  • Global workshop event on campus at ITCILO
  • Community of practice
  • Monitoring and evaluation

But is it sustainable? Yes – we included a training of trainers component to ensure that the project continues well into the future, with or without the ITCILO. Our goal is to train at least 25 trainers. Progress reports on delivery and results are available on an online project management platform.

The global community of practice is another key element of our sustainability strategy. Participants will be able to access training materials, course recordings, and tests through the BUILD PROC website whenever they want. And IFAD is already in discussions with IFIs to plan communication activities around the programme.

Most importantly, this programme aims to reduce procurement risks and increase the number of projects completed on time. So far, 200 IFAD staff have received their certifications.

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