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The Jobs Facility aims to strengthen the capacity of interested countries to design, implement, monitor, and evaluate employment and training policies in a more participatory, sustainable, and effective manner.

What is it?

The Jobs Facility consists of several components:

  • A self-assessment framework for employment and training systems, implemented through co-developed positioning tools with partner countries.
  • An adapted toolbox of technical resources to address the needs identified by partner countries through the self-assessment process.
  • Technical and financial support to deploy these tools, advise and assist stakeholders in order to sustainably improve the performance of employment and training policies.
  • While the Jobs Facility receives technical and financial support for its initial phase from the Agence Française de Développement, it is intended to be consolidated and sustained by any other development actor wishing to support advisory services and capacity-building for employment and training policies.
How does it work?

The Jobs Facility supports partner countries in a process based on social dialogue to enhance capacities in the field of employment and training.

This process involves four stages:

  • Conducting a situational analysis to establish a shared understanding of the country's situation and its employment demand and supply policies.
  • Defining development priorities for the employment and training system based on the self-assessment using Jobs Facility positioning tools.
  • Developing a capacity-building program for key tripartite actors to address challenges and difficulties within the system.
  • Implementing the Jobs Facility program, providing support to stakeholders in the partner country.
How to contact the Jobs Facility?

Countries interested in benefiting from the support of the Jobs Facility can get in touch with the International Training Centre of the ILO at the following address: