Resiliency in post-conflict communities

Fragile states

Resiliency in post-conflict communities

This project focuses on employment generation in conflict-affected and disaster-prone countries.

Promotion of decent work in situations of fragility


What is it?

This project is a part of the ILO’s larger approach to situations of fragility, which includes promoting social protection, (re)building institutions, and upholding rights at work.

The ITCILO aims to supply capacity-building services and resilience training services for populations experiencing conflict, disaster, and violence. An online platform supports those efforts.


How does it work?

The Centre’s online platform contains resources, such as case studies and research papers, as well as information about capacity-building activities on the issue. It is designed for policy-makers, development practitioners, and academics.

Users may post in the community forum, participate in free webinars, and contribute to a collection of publications, news, and events.

The ITCILO’s main goal is to strengthen the capacity-building component of the ILO’s larger initiative around decent jobs and economic development in fragile settings.


Where can I find more information?

The ITCILO’s online platform is full of resources and information about learning and training activities.

The ILO’s website provides background information and more details about the programme.