4 — 42: A digital inclusion book

4 — 42: A digital inclusion book

Leaving no one behind

Why digital inclusion?

Digital inclusion isn’t something new. But this is.


Frameworks from UN organizations, grassroots projects from NGOs, and initiatives from the private sector are all contributing towards digital inclusion. We aim to radicalize this movement by bringing together these different actors for an interdisciplinary dialogue. 

And that’s why we hosted the Digital Inclusion Summit in July 2021 with over 100 like-minded individuals. And that’s also why we brought together artists from over 90 countries to enter in the Posterheroes Becoming e-Quals poster competition.

If we look at digital inclusion from a 360° point of view, what new insights, new perspectives, and new visions might emerge through this cross fertilization? Here’s the result.

Why 4 to 42?

Caught your eye? At the Digital Inclusion Summit, we explored, mixed, and shook up 4 radical ideas about what digital inclusion means for lifelong learning. Through this exchange, we crowdsourced 42 provoking ways to take action without leaving anyone behind online (or offline). Join our journey from 4 to 42.

What’s inside?

This co-created publication covers three areas:

  • The e-volution of inclusive learning
  • 4 radical ideas to make you think
  • 42 digital inclusion tips for the future
Inclusion Tips
The e-volution of inclusive learning

The digital world is here to stay. How we might make this e-world more inclusive is our mission. Digital users face changes and transformations in the way they work, live, and learn. In the realm of education, meeting learners where they are founds the basis upon which development happens. Harnessing technology for good impacts individuals and communities both online (and offline). Before digging in, get some background on digital inclusion in adult learning.

4 radical ideas to make you think

Let’s make the move from the digital divide to digital inclusion. From 100+ digital inclusion changemakers at the Digital Inclusion Summit, we narrowed in on 4 radical ideas to foster an interdisciplinary, solution-oriented mindset moving forwards:

  • Reimagining digital literacy
  • Advancing 360° inclusion
  • Designing for humans
  • Accelerating momentum
42 digital inclusion tips for the future

They say it takes 21 days to adopt a habit, so we’re challenging you to make digital inclusion your new habit. Well, we’ve got you covered with not 1, not 21, but 42 ways you can curate a more just, connected world. Take these crowdsourced tips from the Summit on your ever-evolving digital inclusion journey. If you make it to 42, then why not continue until 365…

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