How data and AI empowers trainers and learners

How data and AI empowers trainers and learners

AI for good - A synthesis and exploratory article

Ai for Good
Why use data and AI for training?

Recent changes in these volatile, uncertain, and ambiguous times have demonstrated opportunities for technology-mediated learning interactions in hybrid and remote settings. In particular, emerging technologies using data and artificial intelligence (AI) shape our agility, understanding, and vision for the future of decent work. 

This article aims to clarify and identify opportunities for the meaningful planning, preparation, and delivery of learner-first, digitally-enhanced capacity development that successfully facilitates world of work transitions.

Our growing volatility, uncertainty, and ambiguity add to the denser complexities of a world awash with conflicting data, information, and knowledge. We must rely more on ground truths from human stories and lived experiences.

What’s inside?

Data and AI are complex phenomena. To give a cumulative, coherent, and time-grounded approach within the training landscape, the report divides practical actions to take in 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 months, and 5 years.

The article contains 4 sections:
  • Introduction: Our aim and opening dialogues
  • The interactions between human & machine learning and training
  • Empowering trainers & learners with data and AI affordances
  • Opening thoughts
What’s next?

Learning and training as core functions, now have a renewed responsibility to further empower how individuals, teams, and organizations sharpen and share resources, create new directions, and democratize knowledge systems. By viewing AI as an expanding frontier, we can better strategically consider why and how we may want to develop, adopt, deploy, model, change, and manage our data, AI, and ourselves with care and foresight.

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