Forum on UN Capacity Development for Training Institutions

Forum on UN Capacity Development for Training Institutions

An initiative of the International Training Centre of the ILO and the UN System Staff College

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Capacity development is a core function of the United Nations Development System. Many UN organizations emphasize the importance of capacity development in their strategies to contribute to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and for several of them capacity development is their primary mandate.

The United Nations Development Group advocates for a common approach to capacity development and to build on the know-how across the various United Nations training institutions in order to make sure that training and knowledge is updated, optimized and made available in the best possible way to UN Country Teams and member States. An important aspect of this common UN capacity development approach is the facilitation of institutional capacity development support for national-level and regional level training institutions, in order to amplify outreach and sustain local delivery capacity over time.

The Forum will provide a platform for UN entities with a mandate for institutional capacity development to share good practices in capacity development for national-level and regional level training institutions. The Forum is open for chief operations officers and members of management, to jointly explore opportunities for synergies and scale effects through interagency learning partnerships.


Maximize the sharing of experiences and good practices for peer learning on capacity development for training institutions

Explore in depth selected tools and methodologies for capacity development for training institutions

Provide space for inter-agency networking and identify opportunities for collaboration

What topics and questions will be addressed?
  • UN reform in support of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda emphasizes capacity development, particularly at the national level. How does the general capacity development framework for the UN system look like? How does capacity development or training institutions fit into these efforts?
  • Which capacity development support exists for the provision of core training services? Such core training services comprise a whole chain of functions, including communicate on trainings, assessing needs, design trainings, implement trainings, and assess knowledge acquisition.
  • Various modalities are employed by training institutions, including face-to-face training, distance learning, and blended ones. These may in turn take various formats like short courses, Masters, learning journeys, etc. How does support to training institutions vary when focusing on different modalities?
  • Which specific tools or methodologies are being applied in assessing the capacities of training institutions? Which tools and methodologies are applied in developing their capacity further?
  • Do UN entities provide capacity development services beyond a focus on core training services? These could be capacity development services related to the governance models of training institutions, their management functions (on HR, finance, procurement, innovation etc.), facility management or other supporting organizational functions. Different categories of training institutions (stand alone, affiliated to larger organizations, networks etc.) may have different needs for support. How does this play out for UN entities supporting them?
  • Which factors are important in leading towards the sustainability of supported training institutions?
  • How are the UN entities that are “capacity developers” operating themselves? What are their organizational models, the type of staff they employ, and the sources of funding?
Methodology of the Forum

In order to bring out a maximum number of good practices, much of the Forum will be organized into interactive panel discussion sessions and fishbowls. Selected examples will be provided with more time to present and discuss with the group.

Who participates in the Forum?

Participants will be UN officials in charge of institutional capacity development strategy design and portfolio management, here with focus on capacity development activities for training institutions. Represented agencies include UN entities specialized in learning and capacity development as well as UN entities that provide such services as only one element of their mandate among others.

Who are the facilitators?

The Forum is designed and delivered by ITCILO and UNSSC. Facilitators will be from both UN agencies and familiar with delivering training and capacity development for training institutions. Panelists and presenters will include officials from various UN entities.

Cost of participation

The costs for the venue, including meals at the UN training campus in Turin are covered by ITCILO. Participating agencies are asked to cover the staff travel costs for their staff.

How to participate

Participants need to register online from the following link:


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