Handbook on Gender and Organizational Change

Handbook on Gender and Organizational Change

Managing change in a gender-inclusive way and promoting gender equality through organizational change strategy

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Numerous academic books, articles, and case studies have been published on organizational change and on the ever popular change management theories and approaches widely familiar in business management. They all contribute to the search for improved management processes and while they may allow highly diverse perspectives they are all based on human behaviour and social interactions. Though useful in their own right, many remain quite gender blind to gender relations and how the latter influence human behaviour in organization.

Some research has been conducted linking change management and organizational change to gender equality but, when considering the change management field as a whole, publications focusing on organizational change with a gender perspective are still few and some remain in the grey literature of online manuals, with various levels of quality.

With this book the authors hope to provide another resource for readers seeking to manage change in a gender-inclusive way and for those aiming to promote gender equality in their organization through a planned organizational change strategy. It is therefore an attempt to bridge theory and practice. Readers are provided with the theoretical foundation for organizational change for greater gender equality and the practical tools that can be used by the reader to promote gender equality through the change management process.