Design better online events with the Digital Facilitation Toolkit

Design better online events with the Digital Facilitation Toolkit

The toolkit is a website that offers practical guidance on how to design and deliver online events.

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Whether it’s delivered face-to-face, online, or blended, learning is an experience that requires a participatory, action-oriented approach. This is not always the case and may culminate in a learning outcome not being achieved. 

To aid the design and delivery of online learning events, and support the delivery of online capacity development strategies; the ITCILO in collaboration with the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) and International Institute for Education Planning (IIEP-UNESCO) have recently launched the Digital Facilitation Toolkit.


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The Digital Facilitation Toolkit was designed to advance the delivery of online synchronous events by guiding design and providing trainers access to a set of participatory techniques that foster collaboration, motivation and exchange. 

The Toolkit is aimed at those engaging with online facilitation for the first time, those looking for innovative methodologies for online training, or those just wishing to learn more about different online event formats.

Keeping learners involved

Interaction does not happen in a click and can be particularly difficult to achieve with online events. Even when using the latest tools and technologies, if interaction isn't planned for, it does not happen. To promote interaction, the Toolkit offers a filter feature that allows search tips and methodologies to be refined for specific needs like purpose, group size, duration, etc.

To keep learners involved, the Toolkit offers a new definition of KPIs: At the end of the day, as an online trainer and designer of online events, your goal is keeping people involved, interested, informed and inspired throughout inclusive online learning experiences. 

Learning professionals need other learning professionals to shine

online events toolkit


Before you begin a new venture, it is always good advice to speak to and hear from those who have been doing it for longer. This way, you hear lessons you could learn from and know what issues you may encounter. 

On this end, the Digital Facilitation Toolkit features videos and audio recordings of professional facilitators offering pragmatic advice and instructions. There are even online games to test your facilitation skills.


Facilitation methods


Initial feedback from first-time users have been encouraging: ‘The toolkit is very easy to use’; ‘It provides an innovative description of methodologies’; ‘As a trainer, the toolkit helps to brainstorm quickly a methodology to use for online events’.

Learning never ends and with this Toolkit, learners from all over the world can gain practical guidance on how to design innovative online sessions and events, as well as learn about online facilitation in various dimensions. This is a massive contribution to lifelong learning and making education accessible to all.