Exploring AI’s impact on human resources and learning development

Exploring AI’s impact on human resources and learning development

Join our special 2023 ITCILO Innovation Day event with a focus on AI in learning, talent management, and knowledge management experiences

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Join us online Thursday, 12 October 2023, from 14:00 to 17:00 for an insightful event, “The Nexus of Artificial Intelligence, Human Resources, and Learning Development.” This event, delivered both in person and online, will delve into the transformative potential of AI in HR and learning, featuring leading experts in the field and addressing key questions that shape the future of work.

What inspired us

Global interest in artificial intelligence is at its peak. As a promoter of lifelong learning, the ITCILO recognizes that AI is already changing the nature of work, the skills required for learning professionals, and the importance of continuous upskilling. We consider this event our opportunity to explore AI’s role in shaping the future.

Why it’s unique

What sets our event apart is our commitment to bringing different perspectives together, fostering interdisciplinary discussions. You will see foresight specialists engaging with academic researchers, and AI experts and practitioners, translating policy into practical applications.


We aim to move beyond the dramatic AI rhetoric often seen in the media and provide attendees with concrete, realistic ways to innovate and augment their work securely. Having the presence of UN system HR Directors adds a unique dimension, especially given UNESCO's recent guidance for generative AI in education and research.

Tom Wambeke
Chief of the ITCILO Learning Innovation Programme
Alignment with ITCILO’s mission

The newly-opened ITCILO Innovation Lab serves as a hub for experimentation on topics related to the future of work. This event is just one part of our ongoing efforts; we are also preparing a Masterclass with 10 experts, organizing practical AI labs, and prioritizing digital inclusion in the era of AI. We believe that when discussing artificial intelligence, inclusive artificial intelligence must be part of the conversation.

Event highlights

Attendees can expect a trilogy of inspiration, innovation, and transformation. Gerd Leonhard, a renowned futurist, will provide an inspiring multimedia presentation that sets the context for AI’s future. We’ll delve into innovation, moving beyond typical chatbot projects to explore how AI can change mindsets and organizational processes. Philippa Hardman, affiliated with the University of Cambridge, will present research supporting the idea that chatbots can enhance efficiency and productivity - but that scaling AI practices and processes is where true innovation lies. Finally, we’ll showcase real AI projects, including our own intelligent machine that accelerates our internal governance processes.

Explore the agenda

Kick off the event with a warm welcome to the ITCILO Innovation Lab, where innovation and technology converge to shape the future of learning and HR.

Speaker: Gerd Leonhard, Futurist, Speaker, and Author

Gerd Leonhard, renowned for his insights into the intersection of humanity and technology, will deliver a captivating keynote presentation. He will decode the present and future of AI in HR and learning development, exploring its impact on recruitment, talent management, learning experiences, and more.

Featuring global AI experts: Dr. Philippa Hardman, Aishatu Gwadabe, Johannes Schunter, Nik Baerten, and Egle Vinauskaite

Engage in a dynamic global roundtable discussion with leading AI experts. Dive deep into topics like AI-driven learning systems, the future of HR, shifts in job roles, content generation, AI ethics, and much more.

Speaker: Dr. Philippa Hardman, Affiliated Scholar at Cambridge University

Conclude the event with thought-provoking reflections by Philippa Hardman, a distinguished scholar. She will explore how AI insights can be linked and leveraged through the power of learning science, drawing on the latest research findings.

Why join online

To ensure a seamless online experience, we’re combining technology, human experiences, and sound design. Our compelling LED wall, holographic box, and professional production team will take the event beyond the typical webinar experience. Audience response systems will keep us engaged, and offering a hybrid option ensures democratic access to everyone who cannot be in Turin on that specific day.

About the speakers
Gerd Leonhard, Futurist, Speaker, and Author

Gerd, a leading futurist, lives by the motto “People, Planet, Purpose, and Prosperity.” With over 20 years of experience, he has influenced millions of people through conferences and collaborations with major brands like Microsoft and Google. Wired UK recognized him as one of the 100 Most Influential Europeans in 2015. He is known for his expertise in digital ethics, human-centric technology, and sustainability, highlighted in his book “Technology vs Humanity.”

Dr. Philippa Hardman, Affiliated Scholar at Cambridge University

Philippa, a leading learning scientist, is the visionary behind DOMS™️, an evidence-based learning design process. With over two decades of experience in learning science, she has crafted some of the world’s most impactful learning experiences, including the University of Oxford’s pioneering MOOC. As the former VP of Learning at ed-tech startup Aula, she spearheaded the largest learning design project in history. Philippa is also a prominent figure in AI’s role in education, as highlighted in her recent TEDx Talk on the subject. 

Johannes Schunter, Knowledge Management Advisor

Johannes is currently spearheading Knowledge Management and Generative AI initiatives at the Development Agency of the Protestant Churches in Germany. He also serves as CEO of IntegralKM.com. With a background that includes roles with the UNDP in various locations worldwide and prior experience as CEO of his own information systems company, Johannes brings a wealth of knowledge in promoting effective knowledge management, innovative organizational development, and the strategic use of generative AI. 

Egle Vinauskaite, Learning Strategist and Director of Nodes

Egle is a distinguished learning innovator and strategist who leads Nodes, a consultancy specializing in learning innovation. She provides guidance to blue-chip companies, vendors, and dynamic startups, helping them improve their ed-tech products and maximize the use of learning technology. With a unique blend of expertise in learning, behavioral science, and product development, Egle leverages cutting-edge technologies for digital and blended learning, both in professional and personal contexts. 

Nik Baerten, Futurologist and Founder of Panopticon

Nik is a knowledge engineer with a multidisciplinary background in fields like design, architecture, new media, history, biology, philosophy, and more. He co-founded Pantopicon, a forward-thinking design studio that specializes in crafting thought-provoking futures to stimulate discussions about upcoming challenges and opportunities. They assist both public and private organizations in exploring long-term strategies, developing visionary concepts, and designing innovative products and services, often involving collaborative approaches. 

Aishatu Gwadabe, AI Artist and Peace Technologist

Aishatu is a peace technologist, artificial intelligence (AI) artist, and public speaker who advocates for social justice in AI and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within Web 3.0 by forging new digital pathways for peace. She is a creative diasporan of African descent who can be found on the list of Top 100 Brilliant and Inspiring Women in AI Ethics 2022.

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We look forward to seeing you online on 12 October, as we explore the exciting future of AI in human resources and learning development at this year’s ITCILO Innovation Day event!