Introducing the ITCILO’s new digital credentials

Introducing the ITCILO’s new digital credentials

Toward a paperless future of learning and training

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Leo Long has completed countless training courses and holds many formal qualifications.

But he had never received digital credentials until he completed the ITCILO course E-learning course on Management of Vocational Training Centres.

“By adding this credential to my CV and LinkedIn profile, I become more eligible in various positions,” Leo said. “It will bolster my chances of advancing my career.”

As a Senior Practitioner in Training and Skills Development at the South African Forestry Company, Leo is glad that his new digital credentials come from the ITCILO, a credible United Nations institution.

He regards his new LinkedIn certificate with pride. To him, it’s a modern way to display his qualifications in the field of adult learning and vocational institution management.


This credential shows prospective employers that I am committed to my continuous development and lifelong learning. 

Leo Long
Senior Practitioner in Training and Skills Development at the South African Forestry Company

Want to see how it looks? Explore a participant’s digital certificate and badge for the e-learning course on Management of Vocational Training Centres.

Digital solutions for a digital world

In January, ITCILO staff members were still printing, archiving, and mailing course certificates to participants. Today, it is possible to take a course at the ITCILO without ever printing a single piece of paper.

In the span of just four months, the Centre made the permanent switch to digital credentials. 

We started talking about making the change in May and issued the first digital credential in September. Our culture of innovation makes it easy to turn good ideas into reality.

"Diving into the world of digital credentials was an exciting and rewarding journey. We started from an idea that came up during a casual conversation. Now we are witnessing hundreds of ITCILO credentials being shared on social media in a matter of minutes."

- Eiman Elmasry, Quality Assurance Officer at the ITCILO

The digitalization immediately and directly affected the way we work at the Centre. 

Now, our participants can: 

  • Add their badges to their LinkedIn profiles and personal webpages
  • Share their certificates with short posts on social media
  • Improve their professional reputation with secure and verifiable certificates

Plus, our staff members: 

  • Skip time-consuming administrative work
  • Easily change names, fix typos, and correct small mistakes
  • Focus on more interesting, big picture ideas

Digital credentials are a win-win solution.


I present my great delight in receiving the digital credentials, the result of the course which has set me off on a new path of quality service delivery as I manage Liberia's oldest TVET institution.

Harris Fomba Tarnue
Executive Officer at Booker Washington Institute, Liberia
Sustainable, shareable, and secure

There are dozens of reasons we made the switch, lots of new features, and tons of support.

From a sustainability standpoint, digital credentials eliminate printing and mailing costs, reduce paper use, and streamline the logistical process. Now, we have a lifelong digital archive of all our participants’ digital credentials, without any extra work.

For participants, it’s easier to share digital certificates and badges online. Plus, organizations and recruiters can verify the authenticity of ITCILO digital credentials with a single click. 

And it’s secure. ITCILO digital credentials use advanced technologies like blockchain and SSL encryption to protect participants’ data and prevent fraud. Once a credential is recorded on the Blockchain, it cannot be altered or faked. If anyone were to attempt to create a credential that looks like ours, it would not verify against the Blockchain record. 


Proud to share this certificate received today. Proud especially about the work that went into it, the knowledge received, the different points of view that I developed regarding many issues, and most of all about the people that I exchanged ideas and conversations with.

Besnik Ligaci
Gender and Social Inclusion Leader at Helvetas, Switzerland
Another step in the journey

On the first day of the new service, 47 participants in the online course Skills for Social Inclusion earned digital credentials: certificates of participation and achievement, as well as badges.

Today, the ITCILO has issued thousands of credentials. They’ve been shared hundreds of times and viewed by thousands of people.

This is just the latest step of the Centre’s digital transformation. As technology advances, our relationship with social media deepens, and learning choices become more varied, the ITCILO will continue to innovate for a sustainable and digital future.

"It is a historic and very precious offer taking into consideration to operating context of COVID-19. The ITCILO is indeed a reputable and well-resourced institution, bringing together a pool of skilled and experienced personnel."


- Mohamed Rashid Bah, Senior Director of Programmes at the National Commission for Social Action, Sierra Leone

Learn more about ITCILO digital credentials 

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