ITCILO donations help local students and health workers

ITCILO donations help local students and health workers

The Centre activates a donation campaign to counter the COVID-19 pandemic

Red cross volunteers

Imagine a world without waste. Imagine innovative, circular systems. Imagine resourceful individuals finding ways to reuse and repurpose daily objects. An extra laptop becomes a portal to learning. Or an untouched bed becomes a refuge for the night. That vision isn't so far off. When a crisis hits, giving a simple household item a second life can transform the life of an individual.

Here at the ITCILO, fostering positive change is in our DNA. In the midst of a global pandemic, we made our local impact.


Thank you for the donation. It helped us in the most critical period of lockdown.

Francesco Feroldi
Red Cross Volunteer

With numerous tech tools and residence items going unused, we asked ourselves: how might we repurpose them for social good? Our story follows.

From useless to useful

Distance learning is in full swing and students worldwide have traded blackboards for computer screens. In Italy, the reality is no different. 

Students are forced to rely on personal computers and home internet connections to actively participate in classes. But this is easier said than done. One in three households lacks a personal computer or tablet, limiting students’ capacity to keep up with schoolwork.

Volunteers at NGO

Given that most of our courses switched to online learning, we decided to give campus laptops and desktops to local students. We started a donation campaign advancing social inclusion for students in distance learning.

Check out the impact:

  • 200 tablets and 40+ laptops donated to Tutticonnessi, a group of Piedmont NGOs supporting students in distance learning 
  • 30+ desktop computers donated to DigitaLibera, a Cuneo initiative assisting students with limited school IT tools 
  • 10+ laptops donated to the San Giuseppe and Santa Monica, two Lingotto parishes hosting afterschool recreational activities

Additional donations will follow as distance learning is still up and running throughout Italy. Together, we accelerate achieving the UN’s 2030 Agenda. Not only is this initiative reducing waste and ensuring sustainable (re)use, but it also promotes inclusive and equitable education for local students.

Dusting off opportunity

Tech devices are not the only items going untouched right now. As we wait for our face-to-face learning activities to return, we took advantage of this downtime to renovate the Centre’s residences.

The unused beds, chairs, and TVs did not collect dust but were rather donated locally to the Red Cross, and other NGOs supporting migrants and HIV patients. We seized an opportunity for local change.  

Here’s the breakdown in numbers:

Thanks to these donations, the Susa Red Cross furnished and set up the Susa Valley Logistics Hub in record time. This welcome center, equipped with a kitchen, dining hall, and dormitory, can host up to 20 guests. These spots are reserved for essential medical staff who cannot return home for precautionary reasons.

Red cross volunteer carrying mattress

The collaboration continues. During these weeks, together with the Susa Red Cross we prepared new dining facilities and extended the dormitory’s capacity to 60 guests. In times of crisis, teamwork brings much-needed solutions and relief. 

Discover our commitment to sustainability at the Turin Campus.