What the hack?

What the hack?

Fueling foresight and innovation through hackathons: these experimental hubs are fast-paced, solution-based events that address growing concerns in all disciplines

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To celebrate the centenary of the ILO and participate in its 24-hour Global Tour, the ITCILO organized a hackathon on the Future of Work and the Future of Learning.

The word hackathon is probably one of the buzzwords you have heard in recent years and is not only used in circles where coding specialists are building the next app which will revolutionise the world.

Wondering how robotization will impact the future of work? Have an idea for how to reduce food waste in cities? Want to develop an app to combat plastic debris? Hackathons are the right place to start.

The ITCILO's Learning Innovation Programme focuses on generating sustainable learning solutions with the objective of stimulating impactful organizational change. The ITCILO hackathon invited young designers, creative thinkers, technology enthusiasts, and students to explore new ideas and brainstorm scenarios about the future of learning; culminating in five prototypes addressing diversity, aging, identity, and the relationship with technology.

Hackathon definition

To keep the momentum rolling after the hackathon, we developed What the hack?. This interactive guide offers the necessary steps, guidelines, checklists, and activities to execute your very own hackathon.

What the hack? begins at the "Starting Line" to introduce the three-phase hack cycle based on the design thinking methodology. 

The "Pre-Hack" journey is broken down into six training steps to effectively plan and organize the hackathon. From choosing the challenge topic to promoting the event, What the hack? has got it all.

When the race day arrives, it's time to "Hack." The foolproof format takes you through the inspire, ideate, and implement phases to introduce the context, spark creativity, and make the prototypes come to life.

When the hackathon ends, it's just the beginning. "Post-Hack" is where the magic happens and we suggest how to keep that innovative energy going. 

At the back of What the hack? you will find our "Resources," including inclusivity guides and a green guide to keep hackathons open, multicultural, and eco-friendly.

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More and more organizations are using this methodology to address complex, real world challenges. Throughout What the hack? you will find hackathon case studies from innovation hubs, UN agencies, and education centres all over the world. We have been observing these hackathons and learning from them. Motivated by the “Working out Loud" concept we compiled our lessons learned and developed a practical manual for you. 

Check out What the hack? here.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you want to organize hackathons yourself!




Originally published on the ITCILO blog.