Certification Programme on Value Chain Development (VCD): Moving from analysis into action

Certification programme on Value Chain Development (VCD): moving from analysis into action

Certification Programme on Value Chain Development (VCD): Moving from analysis into action

5 June–22 September 2023
The course is available in English
Introduction to the course

The ILO Value Chain Analyst Certification Programme enhances your capacity to analyze value chains, identify systemic constraints in market systems and design impactful interventions for more and better jobs. Value chain analysis is a complex task that requires individuals and agencies to apply an analytical framework to uncover the bottlenecks that inhibit growth and decent work in selected sectors and value chains. With this new capacity-building programme, the ILO trains and certifies practitioners in how to adopt a systemic approach to value chain development. The competencies the programme seeks to develop build on a subset of the Market System Development Competency Framework developed by the BEAM Exchange/DCED.

Who attends this course?

The Value Chain Analyst Certification Programme welcomes: - Experts of organizations with a mandate to promote small-enterprise growth and value-chain promotion (SME agencies, business support institutions, productivity organizations, trade facilitation bodies, civil society organizations); - Individual consultants and private firms currently working on value-chain development.


By the end of this certification, participants will:

  • Be able to identify high-growth value chains with potential for decent jobs;
  • Have analyzed a specific value chain and identified systemic constraints to small enterprise growth and decent job creation;
  • Have designed pilot interventions, using business modelling, based on a vision of how value chains and markets should work;
  • Have increased their capacity to lead and facilitate value chain analysis in their country.

The value chain analysis certification course will consist of three distinct phases:

  • On-line training course
    The on-line training course offer practical and action-oriented sessions on the different aspects of value chain development. The course will analyse the principles and rationality behind value chain development, provide a detailed analysis of the different phases of value chain development, share different techniques for market systems facilitation, and discuss the benefits of market systems facilitation. It will be facilitated by ILO and ITCILO experts and consultants based on experience in developed and middle income countries. The on-line training course can be done from any computer with internet access. The required time investment for this phase is 30 hours. Upon successful completion of the on-line training course, the participants will receive an ITCILO certificate of participation.
  • Fieldwork period
    After the on-line training course, participants will conduct a market system analysis in their own country and develop concrete intervention plans supported by their value chain development coach. The work can be executed in groups or individually. Participants will benefit from up to three coaching sessions with their value chain development coach. The final product of the fieldwork period is a market system analysis report and intervention plan. This phase involves around 60 hours of work in total.
  • On-line competency reinforcement workshop
    During the competency reinforcement workshop, participants present and get feedback on their market system analyses and intervention plans. During the on-line competency reinforcement workshop there will be opportunities for technical sessions to reinforce key concepts and competencies. The phase required a time investment of around 6 hours.

Individual assessment of key VCA competencies
At the end of the training cycle, there will be an individual assessment of key value chain analysis competencies. This phase consists of a written test and interview and will require a time investment of 3 hours. Upon successful completion of the full programme, the participants will receive an ILO Value Chain Analyst Certificate.


The value chain certification programme is offered in English.

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