Diploma in Industrial and Employment Relations

Diploma in Industrial and Employment Relations

Diploma in Industrial and Employment Relations

15 March–21 May 2021
The course is available in English

This diploma programme provides a foundation of theory, principles, and practice for those that work in the field of industrial and employment relations. Participants improve their skills in areas such as decision-making, negotiation, and mediation.

Earn a diploma in industrial and employment relations. Widen your worldview. Join this course today.

Key features
Learn differently

The Centre’s training methods include participatory discussions and group exercises

High-level resources

Learn from ILO specialists, ITCILO trainers, and external lecturers

Proven procedures

This course is based on ILO-recognized strategies and standards

Introduction to the course

"The Diploma in Industrial and Employment Relations will provide a sound foundation in theory, principles and practice for all those whose careers require knowledge of and skills in industrial and employment relations. It will enable participants to apply multidisciplinary knowledge to decision-making in the field of industrial and employment relations; represent employers or workers in industrial-relations activities, including the negotiation and administration of collective agreements and conciliation/mediation procedures; and advise government, employers' and workers' representatives on industrial and employment-relations issues. It will expose participants to various industrial and employmentrelations systems and practices. It is relevant to participants from both developing and developed countries, who will have opportunity to share their different experiences. On passing the exams, participants will earn the Diploma in Industrial and Employment Relations awarded by the ITCILO. "

Who attends this course?

Government, workers' and employers' representatives; practitioners in the field of industrial and employment relations from the public and private sectors; human resources managers, personnel in human resources departments dealing with industrial and employment relations; labour lawyers; labour administration and labour inspection officials; staff from the ILO and other international organizations; trainers, consultants and graduate students.

What topics does this course cover?

This ten-week training course helps participants hone their labour management approach.

  • Labour administration 
  • Rights at work
  • Social dialogue and tripartism
What will I learn?

Participants discuss relevant topics with international experts and their peers.

  • Different types of industrial relations, especially in Europe
  • Relevant ILO policies and tools for the promotion of social rights
  • Possibilities and challenges in collective bargaining
What will I be able to do?

After taking the course, participants improve their approach to industrial relations.

  • Apply tools and knowledge to improve labour management at different economic levels, from national to international
  • Advise governments and employers’ and workers’ organization representatives on industrial and employment relations issues
  • Utilize multi-disciplinary knowledge in decision-making
Why should I join?

The Turin Centre is known for its innovative learning and training methods.

  • Local study visits, in addition to a two-day study trip to the ILO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, help participants visualize classroom topics in real situations.
  • Participants that pass all exams earn their diploma from the Turin Centre.
  • The Turin Centre’s dynamic learning environment welcomes participants’ perspectives, stories, and ideas.

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