E-learning Course on the Management of Vocational Training Centres - Advanced

E-learning Course on the Management of Vocational Training Centres - Advanced

E-learning Course on the Management of Vocational Training Centres - Advanced

20 September–5 November 2021
The course is available in English, Français
Introduction to the course

The course provides key insights and up-to-date information on current and future mega-trends influencing skills development and TVET in the COVID and post-COVID era. Specifically, it analyses the implications for TVET Centres in relation to a series of topics and challenges that have been deepened and/or amplified in the last 18 months such as the green transition, the digital transformation, the labour migration and demographic changes, and other key developments of the social and economic global picture. Furthermore, this programme examines concrete options to improve the relevance of TVET Centres' offer and enhance the responsiveness of training institutions to the demands of their ecosystems. This eLearning training offer is part of ITCILO's Skills Development portfolio, which targets worldwide capacity building needs to support the implementation of TVET and skills development programmes.

Who attends this course?

- Directors and managers of vocational training centres; - Policy makers and technical advisors of Ministries working in the area of vocational training Centres' management; - Members of skills councils, national TVET authorities or similar institutions; - Representatives of workers' and employers' organizations involved in vocational training delivery; - Experts and technical staff from CSOs, NGOs and other civil society actors, working in the field of skills development and TVET.


By the end of the eLearning programme, participants will have acquired a holistic understanding of key topics shaping Technical and Vocational Education and Training in the COVID and post-COVID era. In particular, participants will have:

  • Analysed a number of mega trends impacting the world of work and training;
  • Developed a thorough understanding on the importance of shaping TVET Centres’ response for better employment outcomes in the current context;
  • Examined specific measures, mechanisms and approaches for the design and implementation of relevant TVET vis-à-vis the global mega trends.

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