E-course on Digitalization training services for EBMOs


17 May–11 June 2021
The course is available in English, Español
Introduction to the course

The digitalization of the world has a huge impact on almost all areas of our lives including the way we work and the way we learn. The COVID19 pandemic has greatly accelerated pre-existing trends. For enterprises, the capacity to transform work processes, gain efficiency and upskill their workforce via smart use of technologies are key competitive drivers. When they provide training services to their members, Employers and Business Member Organizations (EBMOs) need to consider the same paradigms. Embracing digitalization is a must for EBMOs that want to deliver relevant training solutions for their member enterprises, secure revenue streams and ensure their sustainability. To do so, EBMOs need to adapt their business models, update their training design and delivery practices, and upskill their staff on newest trends and tools for effective digital learning. Do you want to learn more on digitalization and its impact on EBMOs' training service provision? Are you eager to benchmark your digital training offer? Do you want to skill-up and get support in designing your next digital training course? Join this course to boost your EBMO's digitalization journey with a cohort of international peers, experts and coaches.

Who attends this course?

- Staff and Board members of EBMOs worldwide, having a particular responsibility for training management, design and/or delivery. - Participants are expected to dedicate a total of 24 hours over the 4-week course period. - Successful participants will be awarded the ITCILO digital Certificate of Participation.

By the numbers
learning hours
Key features
Self-paced learning
Live webinars
Group activities
Operational coaching

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digitalization of work and training. It is now time to take a step back from one’s own practices, benchmark digitalization efforts against international best practices and plan for future changes.

Jeanne Schmitt
Senior Programme Officer
How did previous participants evaluate the course?
  • Quality of the activity’s content: score 4.11 out of 5
  • Possibility to apply what you have learned: score 4.30 out of 5
  • Facilitators’ contribution: score 4.23 out of 5

The program supports EBMO’s leaders worldwide to accelerate their digitalization strategy and training services” 

Jorge Ramirez Mata
Programme Officer
How is the course structured?

Module 1:

  • What does digitalization mean?
  • Managing training services in EBMOs
  • Adapting training services to the new digital context: how?

Module 2:

  • What is adult learning?
  • Designing and delivering digital learning
  • Digitalizing a training product: baseline and frame (Operational coaching)

Module 3:

  • Newest trends in digital learning
  • Digital methods and tools
  • Digital facilitation

Module 4:

  • Platforms and LMS
  • Benchmarking your organization
  • Digitalizing a training session: finalization (Operational coaching)

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