A Future of Work Free from Violence and Harassment: Workplace policy design lab

A Future of Work Free from Violence and Harassment: Workplace policy design lab

A Future of Work Free from Violence and Harassment: Workplace policy design lab

28 March–22 April 2022
The course is available in English
Key features

Just enough theory, and a lot of practice: guided by experts and inspired by peers, develop a tool that works for you.


Make the most of participatory and collaborative methods to contribute to collective knowledge-creation. 


Network with international experts and peers from around the world, share good practices, tap into their experiences.

Introduction to the course

Violence and harassment in the world of work are a threat to the dignity, security, health and well-being of everyone, affecting not only workers and employers, but also their families, communities, economies and society at large. In June 2019, through the adoption of ILO Convention no. 190 and Recommendation no. 206, the global community made it clear that such phenomenon cannot be tolerated, and the world of work needs to be equipped to put a stop to it. Where to begin when designing a workplace policy against violence and harassment? What are the key ingredients to align with the principles enshrined in ILO Convention No. 190 and Recommendation No. 206? How to turn the policy into practice - assessing and managing risks, setting up committees, investigating complaints, training staff, supporting victims, monitoring data and so on? What are the emerging practices and success stories? This hands-on e-workshop aims to provide participants with practical knowledge and tools for action.

Who attends this course?

- Employers' and workers' organisations looking to equip themselves to provide practical guidance to their affiliates; - Workers and workers representatives at the level of organisations and enterprises; - Human Resources and CSR representatives of private sector entities, looking to mainstream V&H concerns in their operations.


In this learning journey you will explore and assess key ingredients for a workplace policy on violence and harassment that is aligned with the new ILO instruments, and be guided to use them to design a policy that works for you and your organization.

Key topics are:

  • C. 190 and R. 206: core principles, scope and main provisions, and application at the workplace level;
  • Which way to go: policies, declarations, codes of conducts;
  • Key ingredients for prevention and protection, and emerging practices;
  • Key ingredients for enforcement and remedies, and emerging practices;
  • Key ingredients for guidance, training and awareness-raising, and emerging practices;
  • Roll-out and implementation of the policy: elements of action planning;
  • Monitoring and evaluation: data collection, KPIs and follow-up.
What will you be able to do?

In particular, this course will equip you with the tools to:

  • Understand the problem of violence and harassment in the world of work as relating specifically to your work context;
  • Identify practical measures that can be put in place to prevent, address and remedy, and frame them within a policy document that fits the needs and settings of your organisation;
  • Mainstream violence and harassment into existing mechanisms and regulations at the level of your workplace, including Occupational Safety and Health instruments; 
  • Devise an action plan to turn policy into practice.

Through design-oriented participatory activities, you will come out of this training with a recipe for a policy tool that works in your context.

Why should you join?
  • Engage and network with other professionals and experts worldwide;
  • Master the content of the new ILO standards and design a policy document that is fully aligned;
  • Become the focal point for change in your context towards ending violence and harassment.

The course will be delivered in English and French.


28 March – 22 April 2022


4 weeks (20 hours)

Cost of participation

€ 935


The deadline for candidatures is s 20 March 2022

Applications should be submitted on-line through the Web Site: https://www.itcilo.org/it/courses/violence-and-harassment-series-workplace-level-action-osh-dimension-vh

As an organization dedicated to fundamental human rights and social justice, the ILO is taking a leading role in international efforts to promote gender equality and non-discrimination 

In line with this ILO focus, male candidates are particularly welcome to apply in this course. 

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