ILO participatory gender-audit facilitator certification

ILO participatory gender-audit facilitator certification

ILO participatory gender-audit facilitator certification

19 October–11 December 2020
The course is available in English

The ILO Participatory Gender Audit (PGA) is an assessment tool that helps organizations analyze gender issues, including capacity, challenges, and good practices. Facilitators that earn this certification ensure that their organizations meet or exceed the current standards. The process promotes organizational learning and gender mainstreaming through participatory methods.

Are you ready to become an accredited PGA facilitator?

Key features
Certified skills

Take an ILO accredited exam to prove your knowledge of gender auditing

High-level resources

Learn from ILO experts and PGA-certified professionals

Global network

Participants who pass the exam are added and gain access to a comprehensive roster of PGA facilitators

Introduction to the course

The certification will provide facilitators with an organizational analysis method for detecting and mapping discrimination at work, analysing accountability, evaluating and monitoring systems and instruments, developing a change-management approach and action planning, and identifying new challenges and possible improvements.

Who attends this course?

Past PGA participants trained by the ITCILO or the ILO, or having undertaken similar training; governmental, United Nations and civil-society staff, gender experts and candidates working on gender mainstreaming.

For any institutions, the Participatory Gender Audit promotes gender equality, a fair and inclusive work while maximising the institution potential.

What topics does this course cover?

This course, taught by ILO gender experts, includes three phases: online preliminary work, residential training, and a final exam.

  • Gender equality
  • Inclusive workplaces
  • Capacity building
  • Change management
What will I learn?

Previous work and/or study experience in gender equality and related topic topics is a requirement for enrollment in this course.

  • Basic concepts and principles of gender audits and assessments
  • How to apply a gender perspective to analytical work
  • Strategies for advocacy and capacity-building to promote inclusive workplaces
What will I be able to do?

Certified facilitators are expected to utilize their auditing skills within five years, which allows the ILO to follow up and give feedback. 

  • Analyze evaluation and monitoring systems currently in place for gender equality
  • Identify new challenges and areas in need of improvement
  • Detect and map discrimination at work
Why should I join?

All certified facilitators are added to a roster accessible to organizations seeking PGA facilitators.

  • All participants receive a certificate of attendance, regardless of their score on the official exam.
  • The trainers are gender experts who have applied the ILO PGA methods in their work.
  • Certified participants will gain access to all course materials, plus a global network of fellow PGA-certified professionals.

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