Monitoring and evaluation certification programme (online)

Monitoring and evaluation certification programme (online)

Monitoring and evaluation certification programme (online)

30 November 2020–5 February 2021
The course is available in English
Introduction to the course

In order to measure success and report on results, development workers and public sector managers create monitoring and evaluation systems. Systems that allow extracting lessons learned from the experience to support ultimately organizational learning. Learning to improve, but more importantly to improve programme and project performance. In this context, monitoring and evaluation becomes an essential function to root in organisations, programmes and projects. This is why international organisations, as well as those in the public sector, have been investing for several years in the creation of structures responsible for monitoring and evaluation. In order to specialize on a profession that is on demand, the ITC-ILO offers you an online certification programme that provides you with all the technical skills and tools required to ensure effective monitoring of projects and programmes, but also to manage the different evaluations that are part of the programming cycle.

Who attends this course?

Monitoring and evaluation specialists; project coordinators; programme managers; independent evaluators; donor staff appraising and evaluating projects and programmes; non-governmental organization officials involved in monitoring and evaluating.

Prove your skills with a Diploma

This course is part of one Diploma programme:

What topics does this course cover?

Identify areas of improvement and brush up on your technical and managerial skills.

  • Results-based management
  • Monitoring, reporting and control
  • Risk management
  • Evaluation of development programmes and projects
  • Monitoring and evaluation system, methodologies, tools and techniques
What will I learn?
  • Theories of and approaches to monitoring and evaluation
  • The linkages between monitoring, reporting, control, audit, research, and evaluation
  • All about the components of a successful monitoring and evaluation system, and how to create one
  • Methodologies, tools and techniques to run a monitoring and evaluation system
What will I be able to do?

Work with your peers to hone your skills, and put them to use right away.

  • Engage stakeholders through managerial and soft skills
  • Build an M&E plan
  • Design empirical project evaluation
  • Evaluate impact using quantitative and qualitative approaches
  • Develop a communication plan to share results, recommendations, and emerging practices
Why should I join?

This course is delivered through distance learning and deployed on the ITCILO e-campus. It frees you from the classroom and gives you the flexibility to complete the learning modules at your own pace and to fit the weekly assignments and the carry-through assignment within your own schedule.

  • Monitoring and evaluation skills are essential to professionals working in development.
  • Employers that sponsor participants obtain new or revised monitoring and evaluation plans through the course for their organisation.
  • Successful Participants receive a professional certification attesting their capacity to effectively monitor and evaluate projects and programmes.
  • The programme was developed and is implemented by monitoring and evaluation experts and practitioners.
  • Participatory activities include self-guided modules, webinars, an online forum, practical assignments, coaching and tutoring.
  • Participants get permanent access to the training material and a monitoring and evaluation toolkit.

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