Podcast networks for development and learning

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Podcast networks for development and learning

The course is available in English

Technology enhanced learning is accelerating in these times but not all e-learning methods are suited for all target audiences. This project-based learning course aims to target low-budget learning options through transforming old radio community approaches into contemporary podcasting based, accelerated through social media networks (thanks through the proliferation of mobile technology). It aims participants to build the skills and knowledge for the development of new programmes and learning content based upon which learning networks can be constructed in which their learners have access to rich educational content through their smartphones. This new podcasting approach is very relatable thanks to innovation in technology, branding and social media.   

This tailor-made course is available upon request and may be customized for local, national, and international organizations. Contact us to learn more.

Who attends this course?
  • Trainers and facilitators that would like to set up a podcast learning network
  • Subject-matter experts involved in learning projects that require different learning technology approaches
What topics does this project based learning course cover?
  • How to create a podcasting platform for your organisation? 
  • How to set-up an audio-curriculum that can be scaled up?
  • How to engage remotely with expert interviews? 
  • How to create engagement networks around your podcasts?
What will I learn?

You will learn  how to set up an educational podcast network system in which you can engage with your subject matter experts in pedagogical relevant ways

Which tools and technologies are used in this course?

We provide options from an open-source approach towards the installation of a professional low budget podcast station. Beyond the technological infrastructure we look into interesting engagement models with subject matter experts that move beyond the traditional broadcasting interviews or presentations.

Why should I join?

Today’s technologies offer a diverse set of functionalities that boost audience interaction and engagement. So moving beyond traditional e-learning solutions and connecting with one of the oldest technologies in a contemporary 21th format is an invitation difficult to refuse.

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