Promotion of youth employment in fragile settings

Promotion of youth employment in fragile settings

Promotion of youth employment in fragile settings

5–9 October 2020
The course is available in English
Introduction to the course

This course will provide participants with a range of integrated approaches, tools, methodologies and case studies used in real-life situations to promote youth employment and decent work in situations of crisis, including armed conflict, natural disasters, rapid environmental degradation and forced displacement of persons. The course includes a distance-learning component and study visits in Turin.

Who attends this course?

Government officials, ILO social partners and development practitioners working in complex contexts (including natural disasters, armed conflicts, rapid environmental degradation and forced displacement of persons) with an interest in integrating youth, refugees and host communities into the labour market and promoting peace and resilience

What topics does this course cover?
  • Employment and Decent Work in Fragile Settings: A Compass to Orient the World of Work.
  • Recommendation 205 on Employment and Decent Work for Peace and Resilience; ILO’s theory of change to promote peace and resilience through employment and ILO Flagship Programme on Jobs for Peace and Resilience
  • Territorial and sectorial analysis: mapping organizations, assessing opportunities and challenges and identifying sustainable solutions to integrate youth in the labour market and improving their resilience
  • Direct job creation and income security; enhancing skills for employability; supporting self-employment, enterprises and cooperatives: in fragile and conflict-affected situations
  • Effective social dialogue, institutional capacity development and South-South collaboration in fragile settings

JPR modular approach


What I will learn?
  • Participants will broaden their knowledge on the course topics with the guidance of the course faculty.
  • ILO’s normative and operational response to build peace and resilience and theory of change from employment to peace through decent work
  • International good practices on fostering labour market integration of youth in the labour market
  • Profiling of target groups, territorial analysis and sectorial analysis for labour market integration
  • Promotion of market-driven livelihoods opportunities for youth in the labour market.
What I will be able to do?

By gaining knowledge on a wide array of notions, methods and tools to promote decent work and youth employment in situations of fragility, participants will be able to:

  • Reflect on current good practices and experiences on the labour market integration of youth in fragile settings
  • Understand the labour market challenges and opportunities to foster youth employment in fragile settings
  • Envision feasible and sustainable strategies to promote youth employment in fragile settings
  • Engage in potential partnerships and South-South collaboration to promote youth employment fragile settings
  • Design strategies to promote the integration of youth in the labour market
Why should I join?
  • Learning materials are accessible online during and after the course
  • Study visits provide a practical picture of how to promote youth integration in the labour market
  • A blend of theoretical and action-oriented sessions will enhance knowledge while fostering exchange

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