Rongchang Scholars Training Seminars

Rongchang Scholars Training Seminars

Rongchang Scholars Training Seminars

The course is available in English
Key features
Study Visits

Explore the work of the ILO, the ITCILO and other international organizations located all across Europe.

Case Studies

Test your problem-solving and communication skills with daily negotiations and practice case-study scenarios.


Join a cohort of talents (entry-, mid- and senior-level) committed to the pursuit of a career in international organizations.

Introduction to the Course

Jointly organized by the ITCILO and the Rongchang Scholars programme of Fudan University (Shanghai, China) the Rongchang Scholars Training Seminars is a tailor-made course organized for the specific learning needs of the Rongchang Scholars – full-time undergraduate and graduate students (including PhD-level) enrolled in any degree programme from Fudan University and other Double-First Class universities located in the Yangtze River Delta region.

This training activity is part of the INTEGRŌ curriculum.

Who attends this Course?

The Fudan University Rongchang Scholars Committee selects the incoming cohort of Rongchang Scholars in a competitive process, awarding them full scholarships for the furthering of their global competence development.

Rongchang Scholars are selected on the basis of their overall academic, extra-curricular achievements, alongside their potential for the effective pursuit of careers in international organizations, global governance structures, and civil society organizations.

What will I learn?
  • The mandate, vision and values of the ILO and the organization’s significance to the broader architecture of the United Nations system;
  • The fostering and exercise of leadership qualities across international organizations, both at headquarters and in the field;
  • Navigating the complex dynamics of integrative and multi-party negotiations across consensus-based fora;
  • The diplomatic skillset necessary to thrive in times of radical uncertainty;
  • Core ILO and UN responses to issues lying at the intersection of multiple dimensions of knowledge and policy decision-making (i.e., the ILO HDP Nexus).
Study Visits

Part of the Rongchang Scholars Training Seminars is devoted to the implementation of scoping and study visits in selected international and civil society organizations based in Europe. The visits bring participants closer to high-level profile speakers introducing the mandate, vision and values of the organizations they represent. They also give Rongchang Scholars the opportunity to reflect on the future contribution they can make to global governance structures in general, and international organizations in particular.


INTEGRŌ is the global competence development facility for future leaders in the world of work of the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITCILO). Highlighting the ILO’s contributions in achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, INTEGRŌ motivates future leaders to leverage synergies that connect Sustainable Development Goal 8 (SDG 8) to all of the other Goals for the benefit of their communities of reference. INTEGRŌ offers a wide range of global competence training opportunities which, while being stand-alone, work in synergy with one another for the formulation of a dynamic, integrated curriculum.

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