Digitalization of TVET System

Digitalization of TVET System
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Digitalization of TVET System

7 Octubre–8 Noviembre 2024
El curso está disponible en English, Français
Presentación del curso

This course, which is part of the Diploma of Advanced Studies on skills development, jointly organized by ITCILO and the Swiss Federal University of Vocational Education and Training, and in particular its CAS 3 - Intervention in skills development systems, is intended for managers and trainers of TVET centers, as well as any professional in charge of skills development, to enable them to develop their capacity to digitize their training systems in a systemic and sustainable way, with an emphasis on hybrid learning solutions. This training will benefit the efficiency and quality of TVET systems in the short and long term in the dissemination of blended learning as part of a modern approach to TVET.

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The target audiences for this training pathway are primarily, but not exclusively, professionals located in developing or emerging countries whose work relates to skills development and TVET systems, or who have experience in this field, in roles such as: - Pedagogical staff of the TVET trainers' training centers; - Program instructional designers, instructional and management staff of national - training authorities. - TVET teachers and trainers, in-company trainers and mentors; managers of vocational - training centers; - Experts and technical staff from CSOs, NGOs, and other civil society actors working in - TVET.

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