Face-to-face component of the Master in Industrial and Employment Relations

Face-to-face component of the Master in Industrial and Employment Relations

Face-to-face component of the Master in Industrial and Employment Relations

29 Abril–17 Mayo 2024
El curso está disponible en English
Key features

Learn by doing, through case studies, workshops, and group exercises


Exchange ideas with international students and faculty


Engage with experts from the ILO and the ITCILO, practitioners and university professors.

Presentación del curso

The Master in Industrial and Employment Relations partnered by the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITCILO) and the University of Turin, Italy, offers an optional residential phase at the ITCILO campus in Turin, Italy, fostering networking among students and to deep dive in our learning centre, before changing focus to the research for the Master thesis. During this optional phase of the Master in Industrial and Employment Relations, the training expertise of the ITCILO combined with experts in different topics using an action-oriented and highly participative approach will boost the learning experience by combining group discussions, case studies, forum debates, role-play exercises and group work using up-to-date learning methods and technologies. A study visit at the ILO Headquarters in Geneva will also be organized, providing students with engaging sessions with experts from the ILO, as well as a number of study visits to selected institutions and enterprises in Turin, providing students with an opportunity to be exposed to different practices of industrial and employment relations. All the study visits, including to the ILO Headquarters will depend on the COVID-19 situation and related restrictions.

¿Quiénes participan en este curso?

The optional residential phase is open only to students and former students from the Master in Industrial and Employment Relations.


General objectives

The optional phase of the Master in Industrial and Employment Relations is designed to provide deep knowledge and skills for those with professional interests in industrial and employment relations, notably with an interest in negotiation skills and workplace practices. Students will be exposed to international and comparative industrial and employment relations practices and will be able to discuss and compare with their own countries’ practices and context.

Specific objectives

After the optional phase of the Master in Industrial and Employment Relations, students will be able to:

  • Understand and apply different approaches to negotiations enhancing their skills;
  • Understand key concepts of economics for industrial relations practitioners and apply to negotiations;
  • Increase their knowledge of ILO standards and discuss current trends on industrial and employment relations.
Methodology and resource persons


Professors, practitioners and other resource persons will use lectures, case studies, case law judgments, excerpts of collective agreements and legislation, discussions, group work and practical exercises to strike a balance between theory and practice and to stimulate interaction with the resource persons and among students.

Resource persons

Resource persons are selected based on their professional experience and subject matter expertise. They consist of experts from the ILO and ITCILO, university professors and practitioners.

Fees and applications


  • Tuition fees: 2,810 Euros
  • Subsistence fees: 980 Euros (accommodation and breakfast)
  • Total fees: 3,790 Euros. The cost of participation must be paid in advance by the student or his/her sponsoring organization
  • Applications should be made through the online application form on this webpage: https://oarf2.itcilo.org/STF/A9017120/en


  • Deadline to apply: 3 March 2024


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