Again nearly 1,000 students visited the Centre this year!

Again nearly 1,000 students visited the Centre this year!

This year, within the students’ programme we received 18 schools, including secondary and high school (plus some primary schools and 2 universities) with 35 classes for a total of 845 students.

Group photo of students' programme

The visits are jointly organized by the Centre and the City of Turin’s “Growing up in Town” (Crescere in città) project.  Since the launch of the project, nearly 7,000 students have visited the Campus to learn about our work here at the ITCILO.

By coming to the Centre, local secondary-school students gain an insight into the UN and the ILO as international institutions that promote peaceful coexistence and civil progress. Through interactive sessions and presentations, they learn about the Centre’s work on social justice and sustainable development.

During the visits, students engage with crucial social issues, gaining a better understand of the international significance of the problems they encounter daily in their studies.